The Battle of Sabaneta Prison, cont.


“El Mocho Edwin”, pran-in-chief of Sabaneta Prison, in orator mode

Sabaneta Prison remains tense, even after a large number of inmates have been transferred to other prisons.

Yesterday, the major pran of Sabaneta, “El Mocho Edwin”, made an appereance on the prison’s rooftop, asking for dialogue. Hours earlier, a member of the Prisons Ministry was “allowed” in to Sabaneta to negotiate directly with the pran himself. (The government no longer even pretends to control who can and can not enter its own jails.)

He also made a brief statement to a local radio station, when he justified his recent actions.

“What we did was for the greater good… The other guys [probably referring to other pranes] started extorting inmates and messing with us… We just want to work. We don’t like violence… What happened? They brought this on themselves. They started to kidnap people and extort them and we can’t allow that… Now, it’s all quiet here. What we want is peace”.

Even if Edwin has strongly rejected the transfer of inmates, he has no objection to those who want to leave custody altogether. He’s also preparing himself for a possible takeover of the prison by the National Guard.

The case of “El Mocho Edwin” is just straight-up Prannation. The state no longer bothers to conceal its surrender of its prisons to the pranirate.

But these guys usually live fast and die young: of 23 pranes killed in the last seven years, only one was in his forties. Also, most pranes end up killed when there’s a regime change in the prison (known in penitenciary jargon as cambio de carro).

You can know more about the life of a pran and how he rules the prison in this video and accompanying infography from newspaper Últimas Noticias:


18 thoughts on “The Battle of Sabaneta Prison, cont.

  1. Uh ah el Mocho no se va? At this rate he is going to become the next President. At least is clear he is in control. Prannation becoming less dystopian by the minute.


  2. This is very much like the dystopia Francisco was referring to.

    A reminder: the place where most prisoners are being transferred is Uribana, where 61 prisoners were murdered in January…talking about reallocation.


  3. “El mocho no se va”… We are so god-damn fucked in the head. We are doomed as a country. GAES and Rurales should storm the prison and execute those guys. All of them. They only have to say that they “died in the crossfire”. but there is no political will to do this.


  4. Watching that video and hearing Iris Varela say “Aqui no hay pranes, solo privados de libertad”… It would be almost funny if it wasn’t so tragic.


  5. It would seem that only inmates know how to fight for their rights. Alas, it is merely the pranes defending their turf.


  6. Does anyone know what is going to happen to Uribana prison?
    I mean: they are shuffling prisoners from one prison to the other. Does anyone keep track of the general picture of what prisons are “emptied”?


  7. Whenever internal prison struggles result in one criminal group overthrowing another, those in the losing side (not on the ‘loosing side’) have to be evacuated to save their lives, it doesnt much matter where they go because even if the govt is incapable of maintaining order inside the prisons it does at least understand that these shufflings are necessary to avoid more masacres. All prisons being grossly overcrowded it probably represent a hugely difficult process finding a place for all the displaced prisioners , additionally as these displaced prisioners try to find accomodation in their new homes they create imbalances and tensions among the different criminal factions inside the prisons they are sent to . A truly nighmarish scenarios that knows no end !!


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