Keep walking…right over the BoP cliff-edge

jwBeen having trouble shaking that end-of-times feeling over the looping Balance of Payments cliff-edge? Here’s some confirmation-bias catnip for you:

Faced with an acute shortage of dollars and no end-in-sight, the unthinkable has now happened: licquor stores in Caracas have started rationing the sale of Scotch.

No hay garantía de inventarios para el mes de mayor demanda como es diciembre y ha obligado a imponer una especie de racionamiento. “Vendemos solo 4 botellas de Old Parr, Buchanan’s o Etiqueta Negra 12 años”, apunta una de las promotoras de la tienda de Licores Mundial en la urbanización Las Mercedes.

Una situación similar ocurre en las licorerías de varios supermercados en Caracas, donde se prohibió la venta de cajas de 12 botellas de estas marcas y sólo se acepta un máximo de 3 unidades. Frente al alza del precio y la limitación en la venta, hay consumidores que optan por migrar a otras marcas, pero no abandonan su hábito por el escocés.

Fin. Du. Monde!

23 thoughts on “Keep walking…right over the BoP cliff-edge

  1. OT: Anyone else see Maduro fall off the bike he was riding and causing a pile up during dadena? Hilarious. The narrator hesitated, the camera focused on someting else, and then the narrator starting talking about Chavez without mentioning the fall.

    Maduos’ so inept it’s almost comical, why does he still try to be Chavez? Just do some speeches occasionally for chrissake, no need to copy acts from chavez old show. I’m sure Diosdado had a good laugh


  2. Scotch, broadly defined. I can only hope that this will encourage many Venezuelans to appreciate that they produce the best rum in the world.

    On second thought no, I don’t want that to happen.


  3. “Vendemos solo 4 botellas de Old Parr, Buchanan’s o Etiqueta Negra 12 años”
    Chavistas and boliburgueses rejoice, your 18-year-Scotch remains untouched and ready for your unbridled consumption.


    • That’s exactly right… The Bolis read the piece and thought to themselves, “¿Y quién aún bebe esa vaina chimba?” Reminds me of the 1983 debacle, when some folks had to
      “consider” downgrading to “Mazinger” rum b/c blended Scotch prices went through the clouds.


    • Well I never understood the fascination of Venezuelans with whisky…especially when Venezuelan rum is so good! But what it can happen next, several options

      1. We will see long lines of people waiting to get labeled with a marker to get 1 bottle of JW
      2. Venezuelans will start appreciating the Venezuelan Rum or beer…until they will be gone also since I a sure some of the raw products are also imported.
      3. Somebody will shout “sabotaje” o acaparamiento by the derecha endogena! or more specifically MCM is involved in this!


  4. I find the fact B”F” collapsed by 20% in the past week a tad more meaningful. A devaluation just after the elections is practically a given.


  5. Excerpted from

    “Across South and Central America there was rapid growth in the first six months [of 2013]. Mexico is now the ninth biggest market with exports increasing by 67% to £54m. Economic growth has been steady in Mexico and the pace has accelerated recently. Brazil recorded growth of 42% to reach £49m of Scotch Whisky exports, confirming the industry’s underlying confidence in that market. Venezuela was up 9% to £46m and the distribution hub of Panama grew by 86% to £31m to meet increasing demand across Latin America.

    Trade agreements with a number of countries in Latin America came into force last month which will provide a further boost to Scotch Whisky exports to the region through an end to import tariffs and creation of fairer tax arrangements.”



    “Chavez, a former paratrooper who was jailed for a failed coup attempt in 1992, is no fan of whisky. He often assails the opposition and businessmen for drinking expensive Scotch at country clubs, playing golf and traveling to Miami — and says they’re trying to be more like Americans.

    ‘Rich people are lazy and almost all of them spend every day drinking whisky,’ Chavez said on May 15.

    By taking control of the foreign exchange market, Chavez is limiting a Venezuelan favorite. Venezuela is the largest market for Scotch whisky in Latin America and the sixth-biggest global importer by value, according to the Scotch Whisky Association in Edinburgh. The nation, with a population of 28 million, brought in more of the liquor last year than all of Brazil, with 205 million residents.

    Venezuela imported 116 million pounds ($184.3 million) of Scotch [in 2009], according to the Scotch whisky trade group.”


    • Polar is rationing beer to many mid-level retail outlets (4 cans/day/customer). But, at least for the short-term, nothing seems to overly upset the average Venezuelan consumer, who faces 70+% shortages of corn flour (mostly adulterated with rice flower)/sugar/cooking oil/milk/margarine/etc. etc. And, the poorer clases (vast majority of the population) always can go to the “Medico Asesino” in Catia and buy cheaply a bottle of “Pela Perro” (cana blanca con jugo de parchita).


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