The phantom bike menace

Not coming to a retail store near you

Not coming to a retail store near you

We’ve been hearing as of late that SICAD dollar auctions were being used as stopgap measures to avoid scarcity for particularly sensitive items. For example, many SICAD dollars are apparently going to people wishing to import school supplies and toys for the upcoming Christmas season.

But now, it appears as if something doesn’t fit.

The government says that 666 (así mismo, mark-of-satan-style) bike companies got dollars. Funny thing then that Cavebici – the long established trade association for makers and sellers of bikes – says only 2 of their 20 members got greenbacks.

It gets screwier: Cavebici says there aren’t even 500 bike shops in the entire country, let alone 600+ companies in need of dollars to import bikes. Instead, it sure looks like it’s a bunch of “phantom” bike companies that are benefitting from cheap dollars…apparently, a situation the government can only remedy by approving an enabling law (rather than by, y’know, stopping handing out free money to evidently fake companies!!)

Ah, Misión Cadivi – it’s the story that keeps on giving.

11 thoughts on “The phantom bike menace

  1. Now you know what SICAD really stands for:

    Sistema Instrumentado por Corruptos para Agarrarse los Dolares.


  2. I read the news yesterday and I thought where Venezuelans were becoming like the Dutch, crazy for bikes, or there were just the usual thieves in action. After 0.0000000000001 seconds, I opted for the second possibility.


  3. Where is the Senior complaints officer in charge?

    People seem to be very efficient when it comes to stealing( is this a product of a good education?)…hmmmm

    Now how to apply that efficiency to something positive :)

    ” To get the attention of a large animal, be it an elephant or a bureaucracy, it helps to know what part of it feels pain.Be very sure, though, that you want its full attention.”

    Kelvin Throop aka R.A.J. Philips


  4. So, just to make sure I understand, are these criminals using front companies to get cheap dollars and then sell them on the black market? …and who’s to say that some of the “600” aren’t the same person using multiple companies? …and how many other “companies” are there getting these preferences? …and are they kicking back to SICAD employees?


  5. Well. Not that I’m about to defend these SOBs and I’m certain that there is “chanchullo” in all of this, but, for the sake of correctness, I understand the las SICAD was for:

    – base components for paints
    – bikes and parts
    – toys
    – food (associated with Christmas consumption)

    There was something else, but I forget.


  6. My extensive knowledge of politics and the situation in Venezuela along with my impressive powers of deduction tell me that Diosdado Cabello is involved in this. Now dont feel bad people it took me decades to be this good…


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