Prannation Redux

hqdefaultSo, when the Sabaneta prison “pran” (I never know how to translate that…”prison gang dictator”?) and the Sabaneta prison warden disagree, who gets his way?

Care to venture a guess?

Las conversaciones se dieron entre “El Mocho Edwin”, y el director de la cárcel, Robert Suterlan. Este último suspendió las visitas hasta nuevo aviso. Sin embargo, el nuevo pran ordenó que se les diera paso a los familiares de los reclusos, obedeciendo así los guardias la voz del nuevo jefe.

Es conocido por la opinión pública y dentro de las fuerzas castrenses que “El Mocho Edwin”, maneja un presupuesto mil millonario por concepto de extorsión, secuestro, prostitución, venta de drogas, casinos clandestinos, y el negocio que supone ser el Pran de Sabaneta, donde cada preso debe hacer un aporte semanal al llamado ‘líder negativo’.

Este dinero le ha permitido a “El Mocho Edwin” tener en su nómina a directores de cárceles, efectivos militares, custodios, policías, entre otros.

It’s straight-up Prannation out there, folks. Be sure to read the whole, deeply disturbing, thing.

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11 thoughts on “Prannation Redux

  1. PRAN stands for P: Preso R: Rematado A: Asesino N: Nato…. therefore it’s kind of a natural born killer in jail


  2. Didn’t Iris Varela, minister of prisons, recently state that there were no prans in any of the prisons or that there were no guns or arms?

    Something stupid like that.


    • “Stupid”? Hardly! You simply have to specify which of the parallel universes currently in use was being referred to. surely.


  3. We live in a two world country, on the one side there is the VTV disney-kind one, and on the other is the Pran Nation. You have those crimminals controlling prisons, Directors and the National Guard, while the Minsiter‘s answer to that is to move around inmates all over the country‘s prisons. Recently, she ‘designed‘ a strategy to ease the overcrowding in the Prison System: the Plan Cayapa. In the past days, a crimminal got out with that benefit, he killed a 12 year old girl.

    So, we live in a Pran Nation, that is the culture installed in significant parts of our society, take for example our University (UC), we have our Pran‘s in the figure of the ‘Capucha‘, exactly the same thing.


  4. This is what happens when you have people who can’t solve problems in charge of solving problems.
    Problem: Prisons are overcrowded.
    Solution Option #1: Improve the judiciary system to ensure a speedy & fair trial and treat prisoners as they deserve based on their crime. Easy? No.
    Solution Option #2: Stash all prisoners in a walled lot, letting violent ones pray on non-violent ones. Let people go based on shady criteria (including paid bribes), until prisons are not overcrowded. Easy? Yes.

    Problem: Kids don’t stay in school.
    Solution Option #1: Incentivize families to ensure kids go to school until they graduate. Easy? No.
    Solution Option #2: Make school a sham, where everyone graduates even if they have to take “reparación” test 4 times. Easy? Yes.

    Problem: Plug in.
    Solution Option #1: Take the time and effort to define the root cause and put together a comprehensive long time solution to the problem. Easy? No.
    Solution Option #2: Figure out how you can make it look like you are solving the problem, make a huge amount of money in the process and then blame someone else when things go to shit. Easy? Yes. And it works EVERY TIME.


    • No way. That sounds just too sweet. If PRAN Is really “preso rematado asesino nato”, you would need something better in the language of Francis Drake. “prison chieftain” sounds like something from Mark Twain.


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