Double standard

Days after the April 14th election, this video of Housing Minister Ricardo Molina threating to fire any employee who dares to “speak ill of the Revolution” or is in any way involved with an opposition political party went public after it was published online.

Three months later, the person who made it public it has been arrested by the CICPC at his home. He was released soon afterwards. His house was raided, his personal laptop seized and he’s now charged of committing “computer crimes”.

Where have you gone, Edward Snowden, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you…oooh-oooh-oooh…

10 thoughts on “Double standard

      • Behind all of these bleak instances of persecution, which inevitably disappear from public discussion, the victims’ lives in a shambles or worse, lies a tacit admission by the government of wrongdoing.


    • One of the articles I read claimed that he was being investigated for “delitos informaticos” (information crimes). I doubt you will find this “crime” written down or defined anywhere, but since they are pissed off at him for making them look bad he must have done something illegal. This isn’t about Fernando Bello. This is about making the next person think twice about taking a video and uploading it.


      • Roy: sadly normal legal rules dont apply in Venezuela , there is no Rule of Law only the rule that our political masters must be obeyed and that nothing must be said or done that makes them look bad . Something that in spanish is called “la criminalizacion del disenso’ . Opposing the regime through disclosure of its abuses is now a crime . We are all now under the obligation of keeping mum whenever we witness a regime misdeed . The imagination of our masters lawyers is superbly equiped to invent an argument (no matter how flimsy or laughable) to make any expression of dissent a crime . We live under a system which we can call of ” G String Legality ” , The external formalities of legal processes are mimicked while the legal rule itself is ignored or manipulated to serve a political purpose.


    • Feathers, I see this all the time….in fact even among my friends, not just among the Chavistas.
      A lot of my most ” Liberal” friends and family who despise the 1%, and all others who do not vote ‘progressive’ are for the most part as rich as rich can be or at least well off.It’s the poor folks out there who are routing for the Tea Party.

      Everything is getting quite dodgy.It’s so easy to hide, when people are so fooled by labels.


    • Why “shopping”, not “compras”?

      Or more precisely, ‘ “shopping” ‘. What’s the significance of using the English word, and of putting it in scare quotes?


      • Oh boy Rich, “shopping” is what they want to do, not compras, nor “compras”…. The significance is that they spew anti-American bullshit 24-7 but they go there for vacations, shopping and Disneyland.


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