The walking dead (Updated)

I see dead people, voting for Maduro like regular people.

I see dead people, voting for Maduro like regular people.

Ah, if it weren’t for revolutionary slips of the tongue.

On the heels of Mario Silva-gate, CNE Board member Socorro Hernández lets us in on a little secret: dead people vote in Venezuela. We know it, the CNE knows it, and now everyone else knows it.

Oh, she added, but this is soooo not an issue. Such a small, insignificant number, why make a big stink about it? (I guess for chavistas, used to dealing in billions all the time, small numbers are insignificant)

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

The problem with Socorro’s alarming admission is that, up until now, the CNE had sworn the system was bulletproof. If a person can only vote by scanning their fingerprint through a machine, then how exactly is it that dead people vote? Who exactly is voting in the place of dead people? Why isn’t anyone prosecuting these people? When did the CNE find out about this? What are they doing to prevent it from happening? What exactly is the number? How do you know it’s not significant? These are questions that go unanswered.

Finally, if the dead vote, then what is preventing people with massive amounts of fake ID cards from voting?

Opposition witnesses, that’s who. Which is why the issue of opposition witnesses being forcibly removed from voting centers is crucial to understanding how fraud happened in Venezuela.

Socorro Hernández has a history of partisan gaffes. She has admitted to gerrymandering, and she has admitted that chavista figureheads get special treatment.

This, however, is the first time in her life that she admits the opposition is right, and that something obscure happened on April 14th.

Update: CNE Board member Sandra Oblitas is contradicting Hernández. She says there were no zombie voters. See this post for details.

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    • agree. though Juan’s title blows more life into the dead. Either way, good post, tragic occurrence.


    • Dead man voting? Starring Sean Penn and Danny Glover?
      I don’t know why but I have the hunch that even the Supreme inmortal Comandante is voting? I mean he is inmortal and communicates with Nicolás.
      For someone who appears to be, at least on a resumé level, very well educated, Socorro surely comes of as a clueless video whenever she opens her mouth.


      • I wonder…seriously
        Cédula: V-4258228
        Estado: DTTO. CAPITAL
        Municipio: CE. BLVNO LIBERTADOR
        Parroquia: PQ. 23 DE ENERO


          • I am trying to write a joke. Perhaps you can help.
            One day recently Maduro was feeling depressed and questioned his own legitimacy as presidente. He wanted to be Hugo Chavez but it was not working. Maduro had his Vzla track suits and spoke like Chavez but he needed more. So Maduro went to a famous plastic surgeon in Merida and asked to made to look exactly like Hugo Chavez.

            After 20 hours of surgery Maduro woke up to find-
            a. He had shrunk in size and was covered in feathers, or
            b. His was laid stiff on his back and couldn’t move, or
            c. He had been colored red, red, red and put on 50 kilos, or
            d. ????.


  1. El Pais de las Maravillas!!! Openly and repeatedly calling themselves the ‘bestest’ electoral system in the world then admitting that a little Walking Dead at the voting booths is perfectly ok! No full audits, no recounts, results given on godawful hours… Paging Mr. Carter!!


  2. There is a certain political scientist who will tell you this doesn’t prove Capriles won, so he will agree with this former PSUV activist (former only to become CNE board member) in saying that we should move on.

    It is not just the dead. We found about 30000 fake Doppelgänger. The CNE just changed half of those with “new” adults. Those Doppelgänger were just the tip of the iceberg.

    I have been saying this for years: the records are so corrupt that we should have demanded a real auditing a long time ago. Instead, our opposition leaders silenced us saying “everything is under control” and having lawyers and the like “certify” an e-voting system.

    So: what are we going to do for the next elections? And what teeny tiny bone is the CNE going to throw at us so that we chew it and don’t look at the mammoth they will be giving to Chavismo?


    • Instead, our opposition leaders silenced us saying “everything is under control.
      I wonder if the oppo has allowed this nonsense to go on for as long as they did, because they (oppo) knew they weren’t quite ready for prime time.

      Takes years to build a credible oppo coalition, especially on the basis of former, weak vestiges.

      As well, Chávez proved such a formidable force of nature, that little could be done to go against it. This excuse is no longer valid, the oppo coalition is now a lot stronger. Let’s see if this time, past transgressions and Socorro’s admission helps invalidate the CNE.


  3. As I read the Socorro Hernandez interview you’ve linked to, she thinks the information shouldn’t be publicized, (no zozobra allowed) but if you report it secretly to her, she might strike the dead person’s name off the voter’s list for the election six years from now. That’s great, as long as no one dies in the interim.


  4. Puzkas did a good job crossing the defunctions data base and the voting polls with 100% participation rates (somewhere at El Universal), irrefutably proving that the dead can vote in Venezuela. Socorro´s sad declaration is a answer to Puzkas…


  5. While dead people voting is not an issue, according to these bastards, my wife (who is alive and kicking) has not been able to vote in the last two elections because she is dead in the CNE database.


      • good to know because I keep hearing that as a default argument from North Americans who naively champion the “fact” that the Chavistas have held on to power legitimately and democratically all this time. The other default argument is that condemning chavismo makes one a rich elitist right-winger haha


  6. Official statement from the CNE either denying what she said, using the old “What she actually meant was” Or simply saying it´s the opposition fault for misenterpreting her words, ignoring the gravity of she actually said. (See Silvagate).
    In 5…


    • Este vídeo me zozobró mucho más.
      Qué zorra! Más de 30 mil personas con los mismos apellidos y la misma fecha de nacimiento y un patrón de cédula parecido.
      Registro sí o no, qué carajos pasa con el captahuellas?


  7. Before I left Venezuela decades ago I never picked up my Cedula. Five years ago I was stopped by security in Maracaibo airport and told that, despite my USA passport, I am a citizen of Venezuela and need my Cedula. They actually pulled up my records from the 1950s on an ancient computer & gave me my Cedula number and told me to get it. Ever since I have wondered who is using my old Cedula to vote?


  8. Mi “frustachera” is sooooo above the limit… I really don´t understand what is the oppo waiting for to take the bull by its horns. Too many law violations, too many aggravations, too many insults and I (we) still am behind the keyboard…


  9. This is classic “rope-a-dope”.

    To defeat the chavernment, the oppo must either

    1) Win a majority of votes as recorded by the CNE.

    2) Prove fraud in sufficient quantity to invalidate the election.

    The resuits in April indicate that 1) may be possible. The close reported result indicates that the chavernment dares not lie flagrantly about the results, and that at least half of the voters will vote oppo. Oppo candidates also win some state and legislative elections, which shows at least partial validity of the electoral system. On the other hand, the chavernment illegally uses state resources to assist the PSUV, the chavernment suppresses oppo media while using state media, making it very difficult for the oppo to get sufficient actual votes; and the CNE is clearly working for the chavernment and may be willing to lie as needed or fix the voting machines as needed to guarantee chavista victory.

    The collected reports about the April election indicate that 2) may be possible. There is considerable evidence of fraudulent voting, intimidation and coercion of voters, and evasion of monitoriing. On the other hand, it has not yet proved possible to translate this evidence into evidence that any particular number of votes were falsified – certainly not 300,000 votes as required to invalidate the election.

    The two possibilties work against each other. The oppo cannot effectively assert both – even though both may be true. Or, neither is true to be sufficient individually, but together make the difference.

    In the meantime oppo energy and resources (including world attention) are consumed to no result.


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