AVN foils Google’s evil plan (Updated)


For State media, this is what you should be angry about. Not the shortage of toilet paper, but THIS.

Venezuelan State news agency AVN is apparently angry. But why?

Is it because of the toilet paper shortage? Or perhaps because of recent events of violence in Cojedes State? No, and no.

According to this report, the evil search engine Google (in deep alliance with the “international right”) is allegedly mocking Nicolás Maduro by deliberately putting manipulated images on his biographical sketch and ridiculing him in the Internet.

As someone that usually googles Maduro for work reasons, I never saw that particular image of him until AVN brought it up. And after State media’s latest attempts to present “the truth” of what happens in Venezuela have backfired, I must say: this seems legit.

UPDATE: Google has withdrawn the questioned image of Nicolás Maduro, in accordance to its internal rules. The company offered no comments about AVN’s accusations.

27 thoughts on “AVN foils Google’s evil plan (Updated)

  1. If I were Pedro Carreño I would investigate who has the franchise for Internet in Venezuela.

    Bolivarian deputy Israel Sotillo mentioned something about Mozilla but it could be King Ghidorah.


  2. I as a Venezuelan citizen call for an immediately action by CONATEL!
    Where is CONATEL when we need it? Lets ban google (and their evil OS! Android!) and sell just iPhones/iPads for the masses! We just got Patria!
    PS: I’m sure a chavista somewhere has already say this…


  3. pero si eso debe ser un retrato hecho por algun descerabrado revolucionario (valga la redundancia)


  4. Any idea which picture, exactly, they are whinging about?

    “Estas imágenes que acompañan la semblanza biográfica que este buscador público tiene del Presidente venezolano han sido alteradas para ridiculizar al mandatario”

    Hu? So they mean if you search “Nicolas Maduro Biografica” in Google you come up with an offensive image of Maduro, the one where he looks like a butler? Not that long ago one of the “biographical pictures” for Obama was the Obama-Joker poster. Do these dimwits realize the images Google grabs are generated by algorithm?

    Now that they’ve whined about it, we should all cross link the hell out of that image (if that is the one they mean) to make sure it FOREVER remains the top image result for Nicolas Maduro. Be careful not to edit it at all.


    • The biggest one of the bunch at right, with Maduro’s face looks quite deformed. AVN insist that particular picture appeared to them, but I I googled Maduro’s name frequently to get links for the posts and I can tell that picture never shown up at all these weeks. Not even once. The others did.

      My gut tells me this is just like the whole CDI affair. No official response from Google yet.

      A concept related to this issue is something called Search engine optimization (SEO).


      • using Call of Duty’s music and now this? One has to wonder what the hell is going on at the Guerrilla Comunicacional meetings.


      • Gustavo you use google.com in Englis? or any other Language that is not Spanish? it is not going to appear. It is a stupid thing to do

        I did the exercise. I use google.com
        But them try any google Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Spain, and you will see the caricature and redirects to a website ovarios whatever…
        Try it with Google US, nothing, Lituania, Italy, France, you name it, it does not show… This is like the thing that people that never has been with the revolution is a CIA agent? same BALURDA manipulation…I think and 8 year old could position that picture with a simple trick… The worst is the guy behing aporrea, and that works for the government that writes the conspiracy theories…


  5. Not only is that picture a made-up thing but also a carbon copy of a preceding case.

    Back in 2009 you could type “Michelle Obama” in Google and one of the first images that came up was a picture of her altered to resemble a monkey. Google faced a firestorm of criticism for stating they would not remove the offensive image because of respect for freedom of speech. In the end, the hosting site of the image (from China) chose to take the image offline and released a statement apologizing and stuff.

    Remember, we’re dealing with the propagandist side of chavismo that want to hide the fact most Venezuelans are cleaning their butts in the shower instead of using toilet paper.


  6. the worst part is if you click on the “picture”and you could see which website made the trick
    and this the 3rd one http://ugogenovese.wordpress.com/2013/02/21/nicolas-maduro-vicepresidente-de-venezuela-7/
    Just made the search for maduro but from a google from Spanish Speaking country, you will see it. make the same exercise using Google CataluÑa, Lithuania, Italy, and it does not appear…

    Solo ganas de joder y tener “pruebas para una intranet…


  7. They jjust have to keep on convincing their base they are all in some epic, global struggle against evil and the whole world is against them. Once you buy that, then what’s having to use newspapers instead of toilet papers once in awhile? It’s just a sacrifice in the struggle against evil.


  8. Poor thin-skinned chavistas.

    I guess there’s still an opportunity to “Spread Santorum” on notoriously homophobic Nicolas Maduro.


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