Jail House Night-Club, cont.

Welcome to San Antonio Prison: Fun for the children in the day and also for grown-ups at night.

San Antonio Prison: Fun for the kids during the day and also for the grown-ups at night.

Looks like the El Rodeo I’s month-old nightclub won’t the only one up and running in the Venezuelan prison system.

According to El Nacional’s crime reporter Thabata Molina, this Good Thrusday will be the brand new opening of a night-club in San Antonio Prison (Margarita Island).

For those looking to party but not cozy with the idea of doing it inside a prison, there’s a catch: admission will be free.

San Antonio Prison was already known as a pretty fun place for the whole family, thanks to this famous NYT’s article from 2011. Perhaps, this is just the re-opening after doing some remodeling.

What better way to dodge “Ley Seca” (which will be in force that same day) than to party it up with a bunch of outlaws?

12 thoughts on “Jail House Night-Club, cont.

  1. Chavistas are in a state of denial that they are criminals, thieves, and worse. Just in case they go to prison, they want it to be nice.


  2. I’m sure the Ley Seca will be followed scrupulously inside Venezuelan Prisons, right?

    Totally OT:

    What’s with those 3 substitute parlamentarians (Ricardo Sanchez, Vargas and the other nimrod) taking their support for Capriles away and declaring that the MUD has a plan to not recognize the results on 14-A if Capriles loses?



  3. It was a common pracice of the NKVD to plant moles long term to inflitrate an enemy and then have them turn coats at the most expedient moment , The Cubans learned this trick from the Soviets and have evidently used it In Venezuela to inflitrate the opposition ranks to demoralize them and use them as propaganda foil . Weve seen quite a few surprise turn coats recently among members of the N.A who were presumably opposition. Of course in Venezuela once they turn coat they become more the object ot scorn and rejection and lose all propaganda value . Still it is uncomfortable to see the ease with which the opposition has been inflitrated in these cases . Maybe oppo leaders have to be a bit more machivelian and perhaps even play at the same game !!


  4. absolutely no chance in hell that this will somehow backfire and go horrendously wrong… nope, don’t see that happening.


    • and of course, on the off chance that it ever did, I’m sure the Minister of Prisons would assume full responsibility and launch an extensive investigation until all parties involved were brought to justice… instead of blaming the opposition and the media.


  5. This is evidence that Venezuelas treatment of jail inmmates is even more enlightened than those of Denmark or Sweden , can they ever boast of such good treatment to these the wayward innocent victims of cruel social injustice!!


      • Well, the whole country is prannation nowadays, given that the rule of law is meaningless. Just look at Luisa Estela or the usurper Nicolás. Just like the late Domingo Alberto Rangel once said: Aquí manda el hampa!


    • I love the whole gun ban thing. Picture two malandros walking into a bar and, upon noticing the sign that says “Guns are prohibited in this place of business,” the two look at each other earnestly, shrugging, and saying “oh, rats, we cant bring our guns in here. Theres a SIGN that says were not supposed to. I guess we have to go somewhere else to have our beers and snort our coke.”


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