Guess who’s also running?


Will she get “una ayudadita” this time around?

Maria Bolívar made public on her Twitter account that she’s running again for President and she will register on Monday in the CNE. This would be her third straight election in seven months.

Last October, she got 7.378 votes and ended fifth (Orlando Chirino was last).

In December, she ran for Zulia Governor and got only 620 votes, finishing last.

Her most important campaign pledge so far: “Liberating the dollar equally for all Venezuelans”. I wonder if she can get this time a re-match with Aymara Lorenzo.

3 thoughts on “Guess who’s also running?

  1. She’s filling a neat role here. If Capriles hadn’t decided tu run, or if he steps out due to to any abuse by the chavernment, there’ll be María Bolívar (and presumably others) to fulfill the script of a “democratic” election.


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