Excess baggage


Just when you think you have heard everything about the Venezuelan prison system, Ultimas Noticias nos trae esta perlita…

A young woman was leaving Yare II Prison last Sunday afternoon after finishing her visit and she was carrying a heavy suitcase. When a National Guard soldier tried to help her, he found out that a prison inmate was inside the suitcase. The woman had agreed to break him out of prison with the help of some pranes in exchange for money. #TrueStory

11 thoughts on “Excess baggage

  1. Yep, nothing wrong here, just a young lady carrying a heavy suitcase as she exits a prison visit. Nothing fishy about that.

    Andy Dufresne would not be proud of this…


    • Totally. Making a well-elaborated escape for almost twenty years… that’s not how we roll here.


    • And people wonder how guns get in? I have to say, we have been both unduly critical and charitable towards Venezuelan prison guards. We’ve been too critical in assuming corruption has allowed guns to reach prisoners, but we’ve been too charitable in assuming they even would be able to prevent guns from reaching prisoners.

      Even well trained security personnel with advanced X-Ray machines have trouble keeping dangerous items out when examining small bags, I doubt Venezuelan prison guards have such nice equipment and they allow luggage in. Of course prisoners have guns. Needless to say, Venezuelan guards don’t perform weekly cell checks for contraband as they do in US prisons, so even if 99% of guards are honest they’ve no chance of keeping guns out.


  2. Norskediv: Your post brings out one important element in defining why things work or dont and that is the fact that its not simply the individuals personal skills or motivation but the existence of a system , an organization , a set of customs or protocoles, a set of resources which he can rely on that allows him to perform .His skills and personal honesty and motives are important but largely useless if he lacks the organizational support , the system infrastructure , the collective knowhow that tells him how to operate effectively . The system trains the individual , the organizational culture instills in him or reinforces the values and motives he needs to use to perform at optimal level otherwise a dysfunctional system will create people whose skills motivation or performance are flawed . Ive seen how an organization is so good that even a mediochre chief cant do much harm because the organization is so healthy and efficient . This must be said because the assumption is that the individual alone , with his personal qualities and virtues can make a difference even where the organization or sytem isnt there to help him achieve his potential . Weve romanticized the role of the heroic invididual and forgotten the importance of systems and organizations in making things work . Sytems and organizations are not simply born they are made by long years of practice and intelligent collective effort , We Venezuelans tend to underestimate the importance of social and technical infrastructure in getting things done and that is part of our failure as a society!!


    • You know, compared to the usual responses to prison problems, this is something like genius. One would have expected them to announce a ban on photographing suitcases….


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