A rejoinder on Leopoldo López’s indictment

PDVSA Roja Rojita

We’re shocked, shocked to find PDVSA resources were used for political advantage…

The substance of the accusations being brought 15-years after the fact against opposition leader Leopoldo López don’t merit very much comment, other than to note that that guy must really be squeaky clean if the only thing chavismo could find to charge him for happened during the Clinton administration.

Setting that aside, what really gets me is the catastrophic absence of self-insight on display here: the meat of the allegation is that López and his mom once abused their access to PDVSA resources for political advantage by making a donation to Primero Justicia (which was an NGO rather than a party at the time).

Now, does nobody on the chavista side see the teeniest, tiniest bit of irony here?!? De verdad!?

To pick just one out of literally hundreds of possible examples – López is being indicted ahead of the people responsible for the Guarapiche oil spill, which polluted the drinking water for a major city because key PDVSA staff was taken off the job for the day (4F) so they could be bussed to Caracas in order to celebrate a friggin’ coup attempt. He’s being charged ahead of people who actively refused to stanch the flow of oil that was poisoning hundreds of thousands of people’s water because it was politically inconvenient to do so.

I mean, por dios: chavistas threatening to jail others for the political abuse of PDVSA resources!? En serio!?

Forget about handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500, these guys are giving a ticket to the Pace Car…

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  1. What is there to say except Chavismo is at a point now where its parallel universe is becoming irrelevant as it drowns in its looming reality. What is there to say except their revolutionary fantasy never had anything revolutionary about it. It was attempted time and again and has always failed. It was a fraud all along that used every conceivable trick, illusion, deception, impunity, thuggery, graft, and abuse one could imagine. What is there to say except that not only the public’s trust was hijacked, the national wealth was squandered and a vast wasting of infrastructure, and resources that will be needed to rescue the future from a long crippling period of austerity and suffering that might last generations. What more is there to say?


  2. “The substance of the accusations being brought 15-year after the fact” I’m not Shakespeare here but shouldn’t it be 15-yearS after the fact?


  3. To all Chavista warmongers:

    All right, the guy defrauded PDVSA by grafting in 1998. You collected all evidence long ago. You’ve got the power to stain his criminal record. Since you believe in socialism, you should also believe in justice. You must be driven mad by the splinter in your mind that’s bugging you for watching the guy speak on television. So why haven’t you put the guy on trial and given him a sentence since the case was first opened?
    I’ll tell you: because you love bullying. You dare not eat the single chocolate in the box so that you won’t be able to taste it again. If you do what you’re supposed to do, there won’t be any future criminal charges to accuse the guy of. You’re afraid of that. So you bring up the case, blabber like a maniac, then put it to rest and repeat the stupid thing all over again.
    There’s nothing more to say. The truth is self-evident.


  4. Leopoldo López don’t merit very much comment, other than to note that that guy must really be squeaky clean if the only thing chavismo could find to charge him for happened during the Clinton administration. Nice.

    Leopoldo López new campaign slogan– Leopold López,, the only candidate certified squeaky clean for the last 15 years by PSUV.


  5. The gov knows what’s going on in the world critical of them. I am now convinced that one of their strategies is to take the criticisms that they feel really would land home and have an impact and turn them around in a much louder way, until it looks like they were first.

    Like a vaccine.


  6. Leopoldo sure was getting the hang of the corruption/nepotism thing at an early age, no? Even today you just have to show an oppo politician a fat envelope and they start nodding like a rocking horse.

    I’ve been watching young Carolina Abrusci on Globovision, basking in the adulation and pampering. What a charming lady, speaks 4 languages and definitely fits the bill for a future oppo leader.

    It just shows that in oppoland, it’s still all about the hair and swagger. You act like you were born to manage the people’s affairs and gently regulate your capitalist buddies. Anything you need to do to get there is justified.


    • Nope…not the teeniest tiniest weensiest ittiest bittiest shard of self-insight on desplay here…they write it in giant fucking red letters on the side of naphta storage tanks but nope, you just don’t see it…


      • Maybe it’s precisely because you can see it — it’s purpose is to be seen. It’s no bulging envelope being passed under the table behind closed doors. It probably came out of the MINCI budget in fact.


        • As long as the corruption is in full public view, there’s no crime then? Remind me which article of the constitution …. ah, yes! Art. 145:
          ‘Los funcionarios publicos .. estan al servicio del Estado y no de parcialidad alguna.’
          And that other one that says …. here it is! Art. 67:
          ‘No se permitira el financiamiento de las asociaciones con fines politicos con fondos provenientes del Estado’.
          I believe the penal code establishes the jail term applicable to the civil servant who embezzles public money in this way.


    • “the hang of the corruption/nepotism thing”

      :O whoottt

      Excuse me,but the real NEPOTIST in Venezuela is none other than Pres. Hugo Chavez, in the past they have been corruption/ nepotism yes, but first of all nothing so fresh faced as today’s. Haven’t you notice yoyo?. What a ridiculous argument to bring to the table when is Chavez, Diosdado and everybody in this admin that have the tia, la sobrina, el primo, la abuela and etc etc etc long list of family members doing nothing but having a payroll name. THE NERVE!

      And let’s not talk about corruption shall we? Or you really want to? Because I think there is enough evidence to prove that Chavez’s gov has been by far very corrupt my dear.

      Unicate loco(a)!!!


  7. There is no rule of law in Venezuela , the regime has full control over all decisions of judiciary bodies regardless of law and facts , this means that the regime can indict and sanction those it wishes to persecute with absolute disregard for the law and facts . This has been proben again and again by internationally recognized bodies , by decisions of court systems outside Venezuela ,by the testimony of people who formerly served the regime as judges and magistrates and by the direct observation of simple citizens just looking at the way these judiciary dependencies act . This state of affairs also provides a mantle of impunity to all crimes which the regime itself commits or has no interest in prosecuting . this is an unquestioned fact . Venezuela is lawless, I once saw an statistic of how many cases the Regime lost in a court system and of thousand of cases it only lost a handful where the contestants where both regime related… Venezuela is a full fledged tyranny that simulates a thin verneer of legality to some of its misdeeds to ‘keep up a semblace of legal appearance’. What one might call a ‘g string legality’ which shamelessly exhibits the naked raw corrupt political motive behind the decisions the regime makes . The hollow pretense by Chavez devotees that Venezuela is a country with working legal institutions is as ludicrous as incredible . No one is fooled any more, even Chomsky , an erstwhile Chavez ally , has protested the evidently illegal imprisonment of Judge Affuimi . Maybe that explains the trolls sudden concern with spelling , if you cannot argue with substance then you turn to spelling as your line of attack and try to convert this free space of discussion into a glorified spelling bee!!


  8. I think Cristobal Colon did not pay all taxes and duties upon his arrival at Venezuela. Could be indicted with Leopoldo Lopez !!


  9. It´s plain and simple. This has much less to do with LL that it does with the fact that Chavistas are worried that corruption is once again an issue in the public debate ( polls say that corruption was last a big deal in 1998), and they just want to make every effort in order to show that the opposition is more corrupt that they are. Its text-book.


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