República Chavista de Venezuela

Do these come in red?

Do these come in red?

The level of sycophancy chavista figureheads are displaying lately is worthy of psychiatric evaluations.  Reuters’ Daniel Wallis paints a picture,

Punctuated by occasional bulletins on the president’s condition, government media have pushed their always Chavez-heavy output to hagiographic levels – es pecially ahead of the Dec. 16 regional elections in which his ruling Socialist Party hammered the opposition by winning 20 out of 23 states.

One video, set to uplifting music, is a montage of prayers for Chavez’s health from around the country, with military officers, government ministers and regular Venezuelans hugging.

“Chavez is life!,” says one soldier in another typical video entitled “Give joy to my heart”, accompanied by soft-focus shots of the smiling president hugging babies, kissing their mothers and playing baseball with children.

In another, filmed from an aircraft on a headland by the sea, hundreds of red-clad loyalists arrange themselves into giant letters forming the words “Long Live Chavez!” alongside a house-sized poster of “el Comandante” and a Venezuelan flag.

What are these people drinking? I mean, it’s OK to like Chávez, I guess. To each his own, right? In that regard, I guess it’s OK to vote for him, as long as it’s done freely. If you’re a hard-core member of the PSUV because you honestly believe in its governing philosophy, so be it. Enjoy your millions and your 18-year-old Scotch.

But it’s one thing to like the PSUV, and quite another to pledge your life to a single person.

These days, chavistas feel no shame in saying they are “the sons of Chávez.” They loudly proclaim that Chávez taught them “to love humanity.” Loyalty Chávez til death do you part? That falls a bit short! To infinity and beyond.

The coup de grace in this rapturous orgy came today, when dauphin Nicolás Maduro proclaimed that the Armed Forces should continue being ever more chavista, which he equated to being bolivarian.

Folks, it’s really just a hop and a skip until the name of the country is changed once again. These people know no limits. The insane asylum’s gates have been opened for good, and we’re fast approaching North Korea territory here.

Chávez is everything. He is the heart of the fatherland. He is a cable car. He is the missions. He is the children. He is you and me. He is Bolívar. He is everything.

Let’s just make it official.

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  1. And just in case you didn’t know: Adan es Chavez. (So say ten million signs in the middle of nowhere.)

    Why don’t they do us a favour and put: Chavez is Obeying Traffic Lights….or something useful like that?


    • Chavez is Obeying Traffic Lights
      Good one, canuck. Too bad a few other needed reminders haven’t always benefitted from Chávez’ high moral code, reminders such as:
      Chavez does not fire arms.
      Chavez doesn’t do (hard) drugs or facilitate drug traffic.
      Chavez doesn’t abuse women.
      Chavez loves a true, independent judiciary
      Chavez loves all spectrums of Venezuelan society.

      The list could go on and on..


  2. They are not lunatics just power hungry. Build a huge cult of personality a la Evita, then milk it for years and years after Chavez is gone. Lets just hope they are less commies than micomandante.


    • This is not hunger for power. Believe me!
      Not at least from the “dispossessed”.
      This is a country accustomed to be taken by hand, a country full of lunatics as Herrera Luque once dare to denounce. What is the difference between following Boves and set the country ablaze, and following another lunatic like Chavez?
      The Bolivar cult is not a creation of Chavismo; it was created by Paez himself when, among internal turmoil, he brought Bolivar’s remains from Santa Marta in 1842. The small Eduardo Blanco would see all these from the streets to immortalize it years later in Venezuela Heroica.
      Then Guzman Blanco…
      Then Gomez…
      There is nothing new. The only difference is that the amount of psychotic genes among the present ruling elite is at its historic highest. Easy to find out why. These are all the resented ñángaras that swarmed and managed to survive in universities, barracks, and very few of them in the jungle. Others are just the sons and daughters of lunatics that were killed for one reason or another and, here they are.
      Then there are people who believe that Animal farm is just a novel…


  3. Thanks but it’s the Bolivarian revolution that’s #1 along with the grassroots and militants, the President holds it together but the bureaucracy does all it can to derail it and him.

    President Chavez id a good man, he is not a Marxist nor a God.


  4. They have sworn a personal oath to the Führer that they shall keep unto death… NOT. Or that they have had a Juche Epiphany and are extolling Great Leader… NOT.

    This is Venezuela and they are in it for the money and perks. And it’s in their interest to create a personality cult for the moment they have to admit that He’s Dead, Nick!

    The situation was actually sung by Reynaldo Armas (I think) and masterfully used by the Greats of 92.9 FM (all glory to them for lampooning idiocy in Venezuela):

    Yo si soy un Jala bola!!!


    • That is exactly right. The similarities between what Chavismo has become and that of the Nazi’s in the 1930’s, Der Fuehrer Princip, is frightening. The adulation. The insanity. The God~like posturing. It’s all there. Also, since the passage of the Enabling Act of 1933 by a slim majority of Nazi’s in the Reichstag, (sound familiar?) Germany was no longer a democracy. It didn’t matter. Most historians agree that the Nazi’s would have won ‘any’ election up until 1942. Hitler’s cult of personality was overwhelming. The parallels to what is happening in modern day Venezuela are not to be dismissed. It’s the same God damn thing! Nazism equates to Chavism in every way.


      • But it’s not that way either… Asked to name of the reasons Venezuela might never have a totalitarian system I would answer that people that can become true fanatics are few and far between. At least those that took such a loyalty oath in Germany took it seriously and followed orders, and it was only impending disaster for their country and family that impelled a few to act otherwise.

        The Boligarcas are loyal to Petrodollars. The (filthy!) richer and powerful they are, the more they are DRAMA QUEENS, calling themselves Sons of Chavez and all that hogwash. And the more they sound like posers and fakes.

        This is THEATER. For those people who still connect irrationally with the Comandante-Presidente. To see if they can win them over. They are in reality ATTENTION WHORES trying to outdo one another.


        • The proliferation of social theatrics, drama queens and attention whores became more acute, during the chavez era, given their broad permission by the King who set the example on linked broadcasting. But let’s not fool ourselves. The manifestations of this type of mania have very long roots, particularly in Caracas.


          • That I know Yo si soy un Jala bola! predates Chavez and chavismo by some time. Maybe I am wrong. The immortal spirit of jalabolismo venezolano is captured by it. It’s the the pathos of Venezuelan authoritarianism whatever it’s color, and it’s the “ideology” predominant in Chavismo as of now.

            As much as ignoramuses of Venezuelan society such as Cort Greene, Arturo and others might cry and tear their robes, the reality is that the Chavista Revolution is a Continuation of the Same (Petrostate), as exemplified by CAP in 1976. In fact, CAP was much more of a “revolutionary” as far as Venezuelan society thinks and operates, in 1989.


            • Cort Green, Arturo and ilk are not ignoramuses of Venezuelan society. They are ignoramuses, well outside Venezuelan society, looking to be adopted. It’s a variation on “my wife/mother/teacher doesn’t understand me”. Cort, in particular, lives very far away. She has not grown beyond the rancho mental that she sports above her hairline.


              • I wanted to say (and failed at it) that they are supremely ignorant of most things regarding Venezuelan people and society. Willingly because they won’t admit such things in their fake heroic vision of the Revolution that somehow has to justify authoritarianism, or otherwise just plain ignorant.


  5. People with mediochre minds and lives get a kick from the idolatry of histrionically candified or glamourized personages or figures , Chavistas are a natural prey to this all too human temptation. , Once again Borges is proben right …”dictatorships foster oppression , they foster servility , they foster cruelty and what is most abominable , they foster ..stupidity”.


  6. Once again, Carcass Chronicles analysis of Venezuela can be summed up in one line:

    Venezuelan people are stupid.

    Good post JC. It really brings out the racist views of your readers. Let’s look at some examples just from this post alone:

    “This is a country accustomed to be taken by hand, a country full of lunatics as Herrera Luque once dare to denounce.”

    “There is nothing new. The only difference is that the amount of psychotic genes among the present ruling elite is at its historic highest.”

    “The proliferation of social theatrics, drama queens and attention whores became more acute, during the chavez era”

    “People with mediochre minds and lives get a kick from the idolatry of histrionically candified or glamourized personages or figures”

    “…just the sons and daughters of lunatics that were killed for one reason or another…”

    “They are in reality ATTENTION WHORES trying to outdo one another.”

    Honestly JC, with readers like this I’m not sure how you cannot recognize that something is seriously wrong here. You should be proud.


    • Wow, you don’t even try hard anymore do you? you claim someone is racist and quote views that don’t even mention race. Very good.

      just kidding, really?


    • One could say the same about the population of any country at some time in history:

      They are Stupid.

      Some (not Venezuelans thankfully, yet) have shown worse kinds of stupidity. Even suicidal kinds thereof. In this case Venezuelans are totally stupid when it comes to Hugo Chavez.

      But we are not talking here about The People of Venezuela except indirectly. We are rather talking about the scammers and con men leading them in the name of Chavez. The insanely rich ones like Cabello, Maduro and others who have talents not in helping their fellow man, but in brown-nosing and stealing, and who are now branching onto DRAMA QUEEN area so as to try to ride the back of a dead man and the waves of his popularity forever. They might not be Louis Pasteur and their aim is not to benefit humanity, but hell they are not stupid.


      • Exactly, all the criticisms GAC listed were directly against Chavez and his underlings. But to someone like GAC, criticism of Chavez and his abilities is tantamount to criticism of every Venezuelan. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the intellectual distance between the most rabid neo-con George W. Bush supporters, who understood criticism of the Iraq war as general anti-Americanism, and Chavistas is very small. They’re birds of a feather, with mere abstract concepts separating them (as were Hitler and Stalin).


    • So, racism according most dictionaries refers to discrimination or hatred based on race. Where does speaking about some people being intellectually challenged or just being resented ñangaras de mierda is related with racism? When did venezuelans became a race and When did calling someone stupid became a crime?


      • Generalizing about a whole population’s intellectual capacities, as if they were somehow different than the intellectual capacities of any other population, is racism at its finest.

        Fitting that I would actually have to explain that to this crowd.


        • I yet have to read you complaining about chávez and his thugs “racism” when they call burgueoise, traitors, misguided and countryless to all who oppose him,or that doesnt fit? Do You actually believe or even read the bullshit You write?


        • You say,

          “Generalizing about a whole population’s intellectual capacities, as if they were somehow different than the intellectual capacities of any other population, is racism at its finest.”

          That’s true only if you claim that the reason for the difference has anything to do with race.

          In my opinion, there are many stupid people in both, opposition and chavismo. Am I a racist for saying that?


  7. After living here so many years, it strikes me that a lot of Venezuelans have more religious fervor than common sense and this is why they are content with such a shitty bunch of looters at the helm. And the official oppo is no help, just the oppo JVR designed and got. With people like that, not to forget those in Ecuador, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Bolivia and I forget where else, America Letrina will get the gringos breathing over their neck for a long time.


    • cuentas falsas de twitter anuncian la muerte del que te conté. verifiqué una (la de marquina). resulta que no es más que rumor. por ahora.


  8. Por ahora… el aeropuerto de La Carlota está iluminadito, pero cerrado el tránsito alrededor… Nadie sabe qué coño pasa…

    Pero, eso sí, estás son las “Caracas Chronicles”…


  9. Well, according to the intelligent comments posted here comparing loyalty to Chave as similar to Hitler or Kim Il Sung, nothing less can be expected from people who worship the uS and free market capitalism.

    A more intelligent stance would be to consider that chavosmo in Venezuela is turning into somehting like Peronismo in Argentina or Sandinismo in Nicaragua. People still vote for the peronists based on Juan Domingo and Evita – but according to the universal mind sposting here, they are also stupid.

    May be you should all listen to this interview published on Noticias24 with Oscar Schemel about the Chavez phenomenon – and that is what it is – a phenomenon.I do not think that Schemel would say something like, “La figura de Chávez trasciende su propia existencia, va en vías de convertirse en una religión”. Watch the whole interview

    The majority of posters here would support, say, private property and capitalism without questioning eitehr. There is little difference between this and “obeying el Comandante”.

    Sure Chavez may not make it backto govern and may die soon but if you think that this will open the door for a return to a right wing or even moderate regime you are greatly mistaken. Eevn mow 57% approve of Maduro and 55% want to see a continuation of chavista policy in Venezuela for the sake of continuity.

    And yes, there is a racist thred running through the comments section of this post – socail racism – which is typical of the Venezuelan middle class attitude towards the lower classes. Soon you will be using the word chusma again.


    • NOT. And you are as clueless as they come, if you mean that by reading my comment. Incompletely.

      No, these hysteric DRAMA QUEENS that pass for “leaders” of chavismo are doing all that noise out of loyalty for the Lechuga Verde and their oh so precious dying teat. If they had been loyal to Chavez they would have suggested that the man choose a better place to treat himself, take a rest and maybe save his life. Oh well, he lost that chance.

      Some people have an irrational connection to Chavez and they are exploiting it. But neither the drama queens nor their gullible targets could ever reach a tenth of the levels of fanaticism shown by Germans or Koreans. Most fortunately. If they had been rational, they would have realized that their demigod is a human being and needed rest, and it could not be true he was cured that quickly, and then clamored for him to take time to recover.

      Between the two kinds they have helped Chavez in performing a most tortuous and painful kind of assisted suicide. I can only say well done… NOT.

      Instead, I aver that the major ideology in Venezuela around these kinds of leaders is a mixture of (mainly, for those with a vested interest) JALABOLISMO (look up the term and learn, it means brown-nosing) and (much less, and for those with a lack of hopes elsewhere) pseudo-religious and sincretic attachment, the kind reserved for popular saints, the kind that curiously leads to drama but never to actual acts of heroic virtue. I really mean no insult to my countrymen, but they have these two gross defects.


        • Schemel stopped being a “loser” when he notoriously “sold out” his integrity for a passel of dollars from the Chavistas. Lemmings follow their leader over the cliff into the sea. Venezuelan poor and very poorly-educated follow their leader’s handout crumbs over the fiscal cliff to assured greater poverty and misery…


          • What a load of BS. The fiscal cliff is more likely to happen in the US but it is all an illusion to distrqact the US population from more serious matters.

            If you know how to use Google check out poverty stats for the last 20 years in Venezuela on the UN and ECLAC web sites.

            Everyone knows that by forcing people into more poverty and misery ensures that they will vote for you. What are you? A brainless baboon – no insult intended to the baboons!


            • Arturo, the forever-standup comedian, trying to use the occasional hapless CC Commenter as his straight man. Better be careful, the coming European/worldwide emigration to Paradise Utopia Venezuela with its low 7%(sic) unemployment, and its decreasing (sic) poverty, may cost you your high-paying BS/Bs. job, as you are in danger of being replaced by one of the better prepared/educated Spanish 26% unemployed!


        • Have you answered? Couldn’t really tell.

          Karl Marx is dead and if you believe what he predicted you need a serious reality check. Sorry, nothing that he predicted came to pass. We are still waiting for your glorious workers’ paradise, dear. It seems capitalism has a long life left, if we are to gauge, by the failure of Marxism to even be born.

          I also hope that capitalism shall evolve or that there should be successful substitutes for it in the future. But I also expect realistically that this will happen through further incremental advances in human knowledge and through enhanced respect for individual humans’ rights. Not through crackpots playing at Revolution and FAILING AS EXPECTED, leaving nothing worthwhile after them, after a lot of suffering and death.

          I bet on what I consider the best course of action for my country to develop. Electoral results notwithstanding. And I have not been proven wrong, seeing how the parody of Socialism practiced in Venezuela, first from 1976, and then even more comically from 1998, have made my own country to stand to shame among Latin American nations in every respect.

          The U.S.A. has it’s problems, tragedies and lunatics, but nowhere near the homicide rates of Venezuela any “normal” day. Now I see you have never set foot in Venezuela, or if you have, you live in your own world.


    • And we don’t worship the U.S. of A. or capitalism. The U.S.A. is a very dynamic nation (that’s to admire) with it’s own set of social problems (that they have to figure out). Capitalism is an useful set of advances in economics, which evolves constantly, which has not existed in Venezuela since 1976. Nothing to worship there.
      Capitalism and the individual freedoms that are foundation principles of the U.S.A., stem from the very successful (and fair) idea that humans are individuals and that they should be entitled to their own life. Just a consistent application of the Golden Rule. Nothing to worship there, either, just plain ethics for the treatment of people who are not exactly like oneself.

      I leave you at peace, to continue your hoping and praying for the Communist Millennium from the hand of Socialist Messiah, somewhere in the distant future.


      • “Capitalism is an useful set of advances in economics, which evolves constantly” – yes only while it lasts. The wayt hings are going in the last four years it looks as if Carlos marx is right……capitalism does contain the seeds of its own destruction. Have to love the USA……the world champion is school massacres.

        I suggest you watch the Schemel interview.

        As a constant loser betting on losers such as Capriles and the opposition you need some educating since you appear to have Twitter as your database. Chisme sobre chisme = la verdad!


        • Has the Communist Millennium come to pass yet? Is there any indication that the Bolivarian Revolution will not end like Peronismo as a club for corrupt, populist scoundrels? That’s what we have to look forward to with your “Winner”, same winner that pwned himself through untreated cancer?


          • lobo – no matter how you spin it you and your ilk are losers and have been since December 1998. No real political power – just your friends in the mendaciuos private media – both national and international.

            WTF are you blatehring on about? Communist Millenium? I just pointed out that Marx said that cpaitalism contained the seeds of its own destruction and this is coming to pass. Unless, of course you believe that all is well with the system you support as you run with the lemmings over the cliff.

            In venezeula peoplea re recieving homes and not being kicked out of their houses as in Spaon and the rest of Europe. Salaroes are steady and not being reduced. Un employment is less than 7% – not 26% as in capitalist Spain. Take your choice.

            Unless you open your eyes to what is happening with chavismo in Venezuela then you will continue losing for a lifetime. You just do not get it, do you?

            You focus on Chavez when in reality you have to focus on the majority that voted for him and his governors.

            On another subject – give evidence that Oscar Schemel ws bought? Just another fucking filthy rumor spread to cover up your own political shortcomings and blind right wing illusions.

            You lost. And big time. Get over it. Change your tactics and then you may advance. Continue as you are and you will die before chavismo is defeated in Venezuela.


            • No matter how much you spin it Peron won elections but what he did was crap. Same with Hugo Chavez and chavismo.

              Whatever the problems “capitalism” might have, or at any rate some nations might have, it’s not going to be replaced by Socialism as you envision it, not in a century nor ever.

              You really don’t live in Venezuela and have never been there, have you?

              Venezuelans are emigrating from “7% unemployment” Venezuela to Spain and you utter such hogwash? Yeah, Chavez is giving ***less than half*** the same crappy houses for free by any populist government before him and you tout it as a great achievement. The only “improvement” is that Venezuelans are considerably poorer and now most cannot afford a house, much less than in the reviled “4th”. Salaries in Venezuela take a nosedive to the tune of 25-30% any year. Ask ANY Venezuelan on a salary. ANY ONE.

              If I ever saw a country so thoroughly steeped in the worst kind of greed, the kind that makes a human being exploit and even murder his own fellow human, it is Venezuela, my own country. It was bad in the last years of the 4th, and it has become the norm of the 5th. So forget about what is happening with chavismo in Venezuela. It’s only the adecos and copeyanos and the military but with a total lack of scruples.

              The main reason chavismo “wins” is because it has been the only government in recent memory with the audacity and ruthlessness to destroy most of the private economy and control the (decaying) oil income according to purely political criteria, going so far beyond any limit crossed by its predecessors, to write and then to change the Constitution according only to its own convenience.


        • I just visited one of your blessed chavista medical clinics (again): what a fucking disaster. When the casket arrives I’ll think instead of that desolate waiting room at the end of which is a person with nothing resembling medical qualifications, socialism o muerte no joda.


          • And I, when the casket arrives, shall think of the homicide rate which is more than 10 times that of the U.S.A., meaning more Venezuelans have been murdered in 2012 than Americans in absolute numbers. And of the tens of thousands of dead young Venezuelans during chavismo’s tenure. And of all the terror and despair sown among those living, among them my friends and relatives…


          • If you are not happy with the attention you recieved in the public health system, go private. That is your right as a free citizen. And stop whining. You sound like a fish wife with toothache.


            • “Fish wife with a toothache” –The nagging toothache-plagued wife of a fish , is soooo—-???? Dickensonian? …or, Fish and Game Cable TV channel? (Syd, help me out here–you studied History and Lit, didn’t you?).


              • I met the wife of a fisherman today, on the Apure River, she had two young children and was half blind with cataracts. Had no idea what to do- nobody had apparently figured it out. There’s your venezuelan fish wife.


              • Net, you are very close. When I was in Canary Wharf, an area of London that has political, business, and architectural significance for me, I photographed a group of mosaic compositions. Each span 9 terrazzo tiles. All have a mosaic frame of text surrounding an mosaic-based image related to that text. The composition that conjures up Dickens and Arturo’s toothache is one of multiple fish framed by this text:

                “The fishwives of Billingsgate Market had an awesome reputation for their foul language and ribaldry.”

                No concentration in history and lit, though I’ve read a fair bit of both, over the many years. polisci and grad business were my primary formations, other practical designations followed.


              • Canucklehead, though I’m familiar with cataracts starting earlier among those exposed to strong sunlight, I did not realize it began so early as to affect a young mother with 2 young children. Unless that fisherman’s wife was the grandmother looking after her grandchildren.

                Would not surprise me that after 14 years in power, this government still spends more time in advertising their re-election wares than an effective roll-out of public services, beyond the urban cores.


              • correction: would not surprise me that after 14 years in office, this government still spends more time AND MONEY in advertising their re-election wares than in effectively rolling out public services.

                (though you’d never know that there were deficiencies, given Arturo, GAC and Cort Greene, among other cheerleaders, who like the government they promote, spend more time, sitting and typing nonsense, than in rolling up their sleeves and really doing something to give that government some credibility.)


              • Syd, thank you; it was a play on words, being that fishwife is only one word. The Canary Wharf anecdote is very interesting, especially considering its (near) bankruptcy history. By the way, I have every respect for your alma mater and its graduates….


              • “Public attention” for them means attention of the Public for Chavez at one of his for-pay rallies, or for the Military to stand at attention when the Brass waddles by, or when you’re being robbed/car-jacked/kidnapped and are paying attention to the barrel of the gun, or…….


            • That’s right Arturo…..once they’ve really fucked you up you can go to a private clinic to get real medical attention: same system as it ever was ….except worse. And if you are poor…well, Chavez made you feel good about Chavez while you waited.


          • Chavista ad for professional aspiration:
            If you wish it, it’ll be.
            Limited or no study required!
            Now, with easier shortcuts!
            Bolivarian Diplomas conferred.
            Impress your family and neighbors!


  10. Borges basic message is that fanatics, specially where they support a dictatorship (whatever their natural intelligence) are prone to stupid thinking, emotions and behaviour , if a mayority of Venezuelans support a dictatorship then according to Borges they have been stupified by their fanaticism , there is nothing racist about this statement . It can happen anywhere where fanaticism raises its ugly head . By the way studies made of the IQ of different countries give Venezuelan’s an average IQ of 84 which is about the same IQ found in Colombians but rather less than that found in Mexico , Argentina , Chile and much lower than that found in China , Japan , the US and most european countries. According to these studies this mediochre IQ is the result of infantile malnutrition affecting the health and growth of young children and nothing else.
    Curiously enough Cuba although given high scores in giving its children good health care shows an average IQ close to that in Venezuela.


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