Chavez can now get his new surgery

ASAMBLEA-NACIONALThe National Assembly has unanimously approved the request of President Hugo Chavez to leave the country and go to Cuba for his fourth surgery in 18 months.

You didn’t miss much: The opposition asked for Chavez’s recovery and urged for more details about his current condition. Chavista deputies insulted and attacked them instead.

Chavez will continue as President for the time being. Nicolas Maduro is still VP. For now.

8 thoughts on “Chavez can now get his new surgery

  1. I see Disdado says that “the people voted for Chavez knowing he was undergoing treatment”. That would be true if we assume they automatically what Chavez himself says about his condition.


      • referente a la salud de Chávez y las elecciones del 7O, dice ….
        El presidente no ha engañado a nadie (06:18) ..

        Como que se le olvidó a Diosdado Cabello el “‘Toy cura’o.”
        O es que el cáncer apenas apareció nuevamente, después del 7O.


    • He’s working (a) the Chávez as myth angle; (b) ensuring a floor of moral suasion, in the event that one or another gets any ideas to surmount the power vacuum. Digo yo.


  2. Is anybody else outraged by the fact that Chavez has, in what could well be his last speech to the country, essentially attributed to himself the role of Supreme Court and decided to interpret article 233 of the Constitution in the way that best serves him? A few days ago there was a discussion on this article and the majority view seeemed to be that it meant that Diosdado should assume the presidency. But even if the interpretation is ambiguous, this is certainly not for Chavez to decide. At the very least, the opposition should ask the Supreme Court for an interpretation of Article 233. Regardless of how much we dislike Diosdado, the opposition should not sit by idly while Chavez appoints a sucessor in contradiction with constitutional rules.


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