Ad War Update: PSUV Round-Up

The PSUV is playing again to the “Chavez factor” for the 16-D election: All candidates designated by the comandante presidente are his candidates. Even after some cases of political disagreement and one extraordinary switch, Chavismo is united in most states.

This time around, they have a new visual element to their favor: the logo of the last presidential campaign and they’re embracing it to the fullest. Let’s look to some examples.

This is the basic PSUV commercial for all its candidates. The only thing that changes is the name of the candidate and the state where is running. Here’s Erika Farias of Cojedes:

Some candidates have specially-made versions of the heart to suit them. Aragua’s candidate (and former Interior Minister) Tareck El Aissami has one, and he uses it in this spot. He’s trying to present here his likeable, and fun-loving side to voters.

In the same spirit, there’s this spot for Monagas’ candidate Yelitza Santaella.

Others prefer to have more issue-oriented commercials. Former Defense Minister Carlos Mata Figueroa (who’s running in Nueva Esparta) proposes more development.

He’s also for rescuing the state’s cultural heritage and diversifying the local economy.

Finally, Carabobo’s candidate Francisco Ameliach didn’t use the heart, settling instead in the fact that his last name ends in “ch”. His supporters pitch him and his proposals as “the solution for Carabobo”, as his campaign’s slogan says:

Those ads don’t re-invent the wheel, but gets the job done in making Ameliach look electable. Here are the commercials related to transit infrastructure and public security.


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