Anything goes in order to win

The “Heart of Zulia” meets “El Pepito”, one of the main pranes (inmates’ leader) of Sabaneta prison.

The original talanquera-jumper Francisco Arias Cárdenas faces an uphill battle to win the Zulia State Governorship, even if the comandante presidente won last month in Maracuchistan and he’s keeps giving away houses as the Chavernment’s parallel governor.

But the first opinion polls (one of them released by the opposition’s camp) says incumbent governor Pablo Pérez is running ahead.

Arias Cárdenas needs all the support he can get, which includes one major pran.

“El Pepito” is considered to be one of the top leaders of Sabaneta prison, located near the city of Maracaibo. He runs it with help of his relatives and the place is known for its parties, its use for music videos and that crimes are planned and committed inside.

At least, both Arias and Pérez agree that the prison must be moved from its current place.

4 thoughts on “Anything goes in order to win

  1. Maybe it is just me, but I have the distinct impression Perez sees this as the most important election this year.


      • UNT you say… sorry but I think it’s better for the opposition for UNT to disappear, along with AD&Copei. Que les den la mollejua revolcada del siglo. Enough is enough, no more dinosaurs ruling the opposition agenda.

        It seems funny that now, they are relying in the same polls that they trashed weeks ago. So what changed? So now the polls are reliable right?


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