Tibisay talks, freedom dies

Up yours, internerds

Electoral Council President Tibisay Lucena says that she will block web pages that violate the law by “publishing results.

On what basis does this woman become the arbiter of the Internet? Who is *she* to say what I can or cannot publish … from abroad? Why is she the arbiter of the information Venezuelans get? Is she going to block Facebook and Twitter as well?

After the long lines of people wanting to vote and the threats to personal freedom, there is no doubt in my mind that this woman … is a complete failure.

23 thoughts on “Tibisay talks, freedom dies

  1. JC… this women has been a complete failure for years. Did you just figure that one out? Lol.. sorry… couldn’t help myself.


    • I got the results!
      Capriles 10,000,003
      Chavez 2

      I guess “Viva Chavez” made it to the polls in addition to Chavez himself


  2. Dude, you are a riot! No one believes exit polls…we do believe precinct results, which we will get soon enough with or without the government!


    • It was showing 1969 repeatedly and lots of garbled stuff. What’s weird is that the web server seems quite happy, it’s the content management system that looked broke.


  3. I command the ISPs to disable acces to facetwitterr!!!

    Not all venezuelans are familiar with vpn tor and the like :p


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