Dirty campaign update, ctd.

The parallel dirty campaign against Henrique Capriles is doubling down on the “Paquetazo”  narrative and goes into fear mongering territory, with some help of CG animations:

Beside the already debunked arguments about privatizing PDVSA and ending the misiones, the spot suggests that seniors’ pensions will be taken away, something that the opposition candidate himself has strongly denied.

And yes, the unidentified campaign keeps using the same RIF of the PSUV. No aprenden…

19 thoughts on “Dirty campaign update, ctd.

  1. Bad news for the oppo’s:
    The owner of Datanálisis, Luis Vicente León is well known to be a supporter of the opposition.

    * Venezuela: President Hugo Chavez holds an eighteen-point lead over election rival Henrique Capriles according to a poll by the Venezuelan Institute of Data Analysis.

    To view article, click on the url:


    Alan Woods-Venezuelan elections: Why the IMT supports



  2. Apart from die hard chavistas, most people will change the channel after the 30 second mark. Too long, negative and dark, too conceptual, too much history and old pictures. I doubt this will change anyone’s mind at this point. It just reaffirms the negative, hateful whiff that the Chavez campaign carries.


    • It is interesting, they should know better… but let them dig deeper… No wonder VTV and the other government channels have low rating. As I told in other occasion, striking similarity with Pinochet’s propaganda, negative and dark. Somehow you couldn’t change your soul.


  3. Of course Quico is going to say “Learn not to respond” as he knows that whatever the sources this is the truth.

    For anyone who writes for Forign Policy magazine the only thing they believe in is imperialism and outright mendacity to support corporate exploitation.

    Still only 13 days to go before you buy your Kit Majunche http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di8D2ZsYjvI or I would recommend that you buy it in advance before existences dry up.

    Roy – buy yours now. You need it!


      • I think they (chavistas) are already crossing the border on some weird psychosexual obsessive disorder involving Ravell, CAP and evil gringos.


          • Quico, Juan, if you read this, I could actually write a post, I have been gathering tons of pictures. But not sure you think this is a relevant subject 2 weeks before election.


            • Oh I have always had a laugh with that bullshit. So you confront a Chavista which mocks about Capriles sexuality in any denigrating way and speak to him what does he have to say about several government or ex government officials being gay, gay pride flags on some red rallies and the whole charade about discrimination. They dont know what to say.


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