Dirty campaign update

Here’s something you almost never see in a Venezuelan campaign: a full-on, U.S. style negative smear ad.

A recent post explained that Chávez has three parallel campaigns going at once for the final month before the election: the official one, the state one and the dirty one. This ad confirms that a full smear campaign against Henrique Capriles is up and running. This spot centers on the Mi Vivienda housing program he created as Miranda governor.

The ad doesn’t establish by name who is responsible for its content (except for a RIF number for tax purposes). Anonymity is forbidden in the Article 57 of the Venezuelan Constitution, related to the right of free speech. However, the ad is been promoted by a government-related website, which has been used to promote the comandante presidente’s reelection. In Venezuela, the Chavernment is also its own Super PAC.

UPDATE: As commenter cacr210 indicated, the RIF number (J-30621129-2) is the same one used in Chavez’s official re-election ads (you can see it here and here). They don’t even bother to hide it. Can’t tell if deliberate or just mediocre. #DirtyCampaignFAIL

Here is the official position of HCR’s campaign, from its manager Armando Briquet.

22 thoughts on “Dirty campaign update

  1. How is this different from the Ciudadanía Activa ads or the Voluntad Popular ads that were banned for being illegal electoral propaganda, since they “actively promote a voting intention”? Oh wait. It does´t matter. I forgot logic bears absolutely no importance when it comes to making sense of HCH´s criteria. Silly me.


    • Well said, this is really damning for Hugo Chavez. The ads are similar, yet instead of this one being banned as the VP ad was, it is being promoted by the Chavez government! Nice of you to point out how petty and biased Chavez’s government is.

      Also, as you rightly point out, the Voluntad Popular ad did identify itself as such, this one doesn’t even do that, another damning mark against Chavez.


      • Yeap, you can look up any RIF number in SENIAT’s website. Who is going to punish them for doing this, Tibisay? And sadly most people really dont see to be outraged about the abuses in the campaign, I guess that after 14 year it’s taken as a given in any election and not something illegal and unethical.


  2. I would see the positive side of this, the campaign looks more and more like the Pinochet’s campaign in 1988, trying too make the opposition look sinister, the civil war -warning, etc., they use the same morbid voice too. It hardly would get people to vote for Chávez, they are in a defensive position by now, reacting to Capriles!! Chávez uses the biggest part of his time referring to Capriles, I think they know, most polls are not reliable…


    • I really hope you are right and we are going to follow Chile footsteps, that would be one of the best case scenarios…


      • I also think, Chávez need a landslide win, because there would probably give a second presidential election in not so much time too. Only if he wins by over 60% a not Chávez chavist would have good cards. Anyway, I hope Capriles will win this time.


      • The Chile comparison is interesting. However, the real comparison would be:

        [(Allende)+(Pinochet – solid macroeconomic foundations)] = Chavernment.

        The point being that the “Concertacion” inherited a country that worked rather well, and had corrected much of Allende’s mess. The Concertacion made damn sure not to tinker too much with the economic principles laid down by Pinochet’s Chicago Boys; if anything, they accelerated them further.

        If (or hopefully, when) Capriles wins, his team will have a much steeper hill to climb.


  3. Bad publicity is better than no publicity.
    1. Capriles name is shown several times. (basic rule of politics is to never mention your opponents name.)

    2. The poverty and lack of housing is because of Chavez, It actually shows that Capriles is concerned about providing housing for the poor. The area looks rural and the people are dirt poor. If Chavez is so good to the poor, why in the last 14 years hasn’t he provided housing and income to these people.

    3. Millions of Venezuelans have no housing. Consider those living in the Hipodromo horse race track. Would these sub-standard houses be better than a communal racetrack?

    4. Are people really living in the houses. Where are the beds, kitchens utensils, etc that indicate someone lives in the units? Is it that hard to pick up the trash, straighten the loose boards, or put up a tarp to keep the rain out?. These units look abandoned. Are they houses or sheds? Shouldn’t Chinese refrigerators bought by Chavez be available?

    5. The opposition can show the beautiful clean new houses in Cuba, Indonesia, Nicaragua, etc built by Chavez. Or how about a tour of Chavez palaces and his family’s private jets and helicopters?

    This ad is sick but shows that Chavez is worried about Capriles.


    • Es el rif del PSUV, ni siquiera se molestan en ocultarlo.

      Ejemplo del RIF: V123456789
      Si el RIF es menor a nueve (9) dígitos
      complete con ceros (0) a la izquierda

      Ejemplo de la Cédula: 12345678

      Ejemplo de Pasaporte: D1234567



      Actividad Económica: INFORMACION NO DISPONIBLE

      La condición de este contribuyente requiere la retención del 100% del impuesto causado, salvo que esté exento, no sujeto o demuestre ante el Agente de Retención del IVA que es un contribuyente exonerado.



  4. Not many days to go before you all start shouting fraud.

    The rats are leaving the sinking ship of Capriles campaign.

    The difference is that this PSUV public information video is 100% TRUE whereas the BS put out by Ciudadania Activa was blatant lies and had to be banned by the CNE.

    More inforam,tion for you – there was a conference in Austria about how excellent the Venezuelan voting system is. Google it but you will still cry fraud all the same.

    Now how many of you will be packing bags after October 7th and going to clean toilets in Miami or Madrid?


    • At least our candidate doesn’t need to photoshop pictures to inflate the crowds around him.

      Keep on believing in the Big Lie, Arturito.


    • Arturo, your argument falls flat on the most basic level of your comparison. The CNE did not ban Ciudadanía Activa´s ads because they made false claims ( which, by the way, they did not…), the were banned because they are considered by the CNE to be Electoral Propaganda (on the grounds that they actively promote an electoral agenda), and as such, should be aired within the confines of the 3 minutes that each candidate is allotted for such promotion. The PSUV ad effectively has the same electoral aims, but is not discounted from HCH´s already amply overstated time in the media. Very technical, all this stuff, but the point is clear: in Venezuela, different rules apply to different people depending on who the Government wishes to favor.

      Heres the press statement from the CNE, here is the press statement: http://www.elmundo.com.ve/noticias/tuvoto/cne-ordena-retirar-propaganda-de-ciudadania-activa.aspx


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