4 thoughts on “Reif in his own words

  1. Muy bueno.

    Me gusta partucularmente por dos razones: una, muestra al mundo una cara diferente de los venezolanos a la del patán megalomano de Chavez o a las mentes vacias de las misses.

    La otra, el Ing. Reif tiene 62 an/os y llega a esa posición con constancia y con trabajo arduo de an/os y no llega de paracaidista, y ademas apenas esta empezando con este nuevo cargo. En Venezuela una persona de 45 an/os ya es “muy vieja” y le cuesta una y media que le den trabajo en ningún lado.

    Hora de revisar los patrones.

    PS: I just noticed I wrote everything in Spanish. I guess I got connected to it while listening to Mr. Reif.


  2. It was a treat to listen to Reif’s seriousness, diplomacy and humility.
    And both presenters, especially the Mexican(?), seemed to be on the ball. Good interview. Thanks for bringing this to CC.


  3. Thank you very much for bringing to our attention this interview with Professor Reif. It was really a treat to hear his opinions, especially the one about the fact that there is a lot of talent in our countries. On the other hand, I was expecting and even desiring to hear a “maracucho” accent. That would have been really something. Oh well, he still speaks excellent Spanish for someone who left the country at 24, and of course he is unmistakably Venezuelan. Now, when someone asks where I am from, and after I respond, he or she predictably says “Chavez”, I will say “Leo Rafael Reif, President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”


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