Baduel’s Aprils

Since every 11th has its 13th, I thought I should also write about what the April crisis must look like through General Baduel’s eyes:

In truth, he should have seen it coming. He should have realized how dangerous it is to be known as the man who saved the revolution.

President Chávez, he must have realized, can’t abide to play second fiddle, to be seen to owe his position to anyone. Soon after the coup attempt, the government began spinning a yarn about how the revolutionary masses had risen up throughout the country to demand the president’s return. It was a narrative that reduced Baduel to the role of courrier, the man who merely arranged transportation back to the palace. As all but the most rabid chavistas realize, the reality was exactly the opposite: the crowds only came out in force once it was clear the coup attempt had unraveled.

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    • Let’s respect madness. A troubled and brain-addled pooch would bite your hand out of confusion and only your hand.

      A sociopathic, ruthless, has-to-be-alpha-male-at-all-costs cur will go for your throat after you help him. Because he cannot stand being in debt to anyone or having anyone be his equal.


  1. Revisionist history becomes you…give it up!
    Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Venezuela – ten years

    Written by In Defence of Marxism Wednesday, 11 April 2012 15:02

    Ten years ago today the force of reaction in Venezuela tried to remove
    Chavez from power. The oligarchy behind the coup, however, had not taken
    into account the decisive role of the masses. Within 36 hours Chavez was
    back in office and the Venezuelan revolution was strengthened.* Here we
    provide **the article*
    * written at the time by Alan Woods and Ted Grant in which they greeted the
    mass movement, but also warned that: “It is not possible to make half a
    revolution. It is not possible to improve the conditions of the masses and
    leave the rotten and reactionary bourgeoisie in control of the means of
    production. *

    *The land, the banks and industries must be taken out of their hands. The
    economic power must be in the hands of the people. That is the first
    condition for victory. Without that, no progress is possible.” Those words
    are as valid today as they were ten years ago. **[to

    A diez años del golpe: “La Revolución Bolivariana: un análisis
    Escrito por Centro Marx

    Cuando se cumplen diez años del golpe de estado en Venezuela y sobretodo de
    la victoria popular contra el mismo, nos complacemos en presentar ésta
    versión en PDF del libro de Alan Woods “La Revolución Bolivariana: un
    análisis marxista”. Este libro, publicado por primera vez en el 2005, es
    una recopilación de artículos del teórico marxista británico escritos entre
    abril del 2002, cuando el golpe de estado, y febrero del 2005, poco después
    de que el presidente Hugo Chávez declarara el objetivo socialista de la

    Estos artículos, escritos ya hace algunos años, conservan toda su validez y
    nos presentan un análisis de las fuerzas sociales en pugna en Venezuela
    desde un punto de vista marxista. Pero no se trata sólo de análisis. Estos
    artículos no están escritos desde el punto de vista del observador
    académico, sino desde el punto de vista del militante revolucionario
    comprometido. Alan Woods es fundador de la campaña Manos Fuera de
    Venezuela, ha visitado frecuentemente el país en los últimos diez años y ha
    conversado y discutido con militantes y activistas a todos los niveles del
    movimiento bolivariano, desde el propio presidente Hugo Chávez a los
    militantes obreros, campesinos y populares de base.

    El argumento central de todos estos textos es claro: “en la medida en que
    la oligarquía pueda seguir manteniendo en sus manos las palancas claves del
    poder económico, continuará utilizando su poder para socavar la revolución,
    para insultar, calumniar y desacreditar al gobierno elegido
    democráticamente y para preparar nuevos golpes, asesinatos y violencia.”
    Como consecuencia: “No es posible hacer media revolución. No es
    posible mejorar las condiciones de las masas y dejar a la burguesía
    podrida y reaccionaria el control de los medios de producción. Hay
    que arrancar de las manos de los capitalistas la tierra, los bancos y las
    industrias. El poder económico debe estar en manos del pueblo. Esa es la
    primera condición para la victoria. Sin ella no es posible dar ningún paso

    Estas palabras, escritas justo después del golpe de abril del 2002, son
    ahora tan relevantes como en aquel entonces. Esperamos que éste libro que
    ya ha tenido una amplia difusión entre activistas revolucionarios de
    Venezuela y de todo el mundo, contribuya a armar a la vanguardia con la
    comprensión necesaria de las tareas pendientes.

    Aquellos que quieran un análisis más actualizado sobre la revolución
    bolivariana, pueden leer estos dos artículos recientes de Alan Woods:

    – “La burocracia transforma la nacionalización en letra
    (entrevista en El Mundo)

    – Respuesta a las mentiras de la

    La página web de Lucha de Clases en
    Venezuela, y en general, la sección en español de la web de la Corriente
    Marxista Internacional .

    Descargar PDF (685


      • Indeed. One of the most spectacular successes of capitalist endeavors, the internet, being used by communists. So much for capitalism selling to communism the rope with which the former will be hanged! LOL!


      • Are there any Marixst goverments left in the planet ?

        Can’t think of one …

        I say we all declare ourselves Marxist organization and demand that the state “contribute” in cash and perps to our revolutionary research. As has been a well established tradition with these organizations.

        Guys – Go do something useful – go and study the Chinese workers concerned about overtime limits pushed by western society onto Chinese enterprises. But I guess that’s not your “thing”.

        You sound concerned. Are you in fear of the Venezuelan plunder fund drying up ?

        Haven’t called your name for misión raspa la olla ? Perhaps you might want to appeal to the solidarity of your revolutionary comrades before the Chinese loan funds run out.


      • Do they run Google Ads in their site ? That would be sweet irony.

        Wonder what ads would google target for that site … Only Venezuelan Goverment ads probably ..


    • That is myth, had Baduel sat on his hands there would have been no “mass movement”, That is not to say that there would have not been an armed action by some Chavez supporters, but most people would have stayed at home and watched the action on the tube. Feb 4th was still fresh in everyones mind.


  2. I suppose the presence of what was estimated at 10 million people in the street all over the country on April 13th 2002 did not have any bearing on the failure of the coup? Don’t be naive and try and fool you readers with manipulative lines such as “Soon after the coup attempt, the government began spinning a yarn about how the revolutionary masses had risen up throughout the country to demand the president’s return”.

    1) It was not a coup attempt. Carmona was sworn in. The governmetn fell.
    2) No yarn – plenty of facts to support it.

    At least have some respect for the truth even though you may not have any for yourself.

    Look at the facts of the coup:

    Chavez out of way on island.
    New President sworn in and some ministers
    Seat of power occupied
    50 odd generals and other officiers supporting the coup
    All the media on your side. State media closed by coupsters
    Blessing of the US, Spain and Colombia.

    How could it fail? Well it did.

    And the coup failed and it was not by spinning a yarn but the fact that there were millions in the streets and the fusion of the civilians and the loyal military was enough to flush out the rats.

    For a democrat you certainly have a weird idea about how elections should be abrogated by extra judicial forces to create another “democratic” transitioonal regime with no elections.

    Reflect, Quico. You are old enough to do that now!


      • What Arturo forgets is that I was out with a Camera crew filming in Fuerte Tiuna and in El Silencio on the afternoon of 13/4/2002. Las manifestaciónes de ese día no me las contaron, yo las vi.


    • “I suppose the presence of what was estimated at 10 million people in the street all over the country on April 13th 2002 did not have any bearing on the failure of the coup?”

      10 million people in the streets?


      And, you are asking people to grow up?


    • I suppose the presence of what was estimated at 10 million people in the street all over the country on April 13th 2002 did not have any bearing on the failure of the coup?
      ROFL this is the joke of the day. If Chavez hasnt gotten more that 7 millions of vote per election, mucho menos iba a tener 10 millones queriendo arriesgar el pellejo en 2002.
      “For a democrat you certainly have a weird idea about how elections should be abrogated by extra judicial forces to create another “democratic” transitioonal regime with no elections.”
      For a democrat you have a weird idea of supporting a guy who wanted to overthrown a murder and democratically elected President and has not regretted the fact that he did it, quite on the contrary he is proud of that
      To all the chavistas, drop the hiprocrisy with the coups are horrible speech. For you its all about good coups and bad coups.


    • This revolutionary maths makes my head hurt. April 11 only had a few thousand protesters in Caracas and April 13 were 10 million??? I wish my bank manager could count that way: my mortgage (April 11 style) and my savings (April 13 style)


    • You obviously were not in Caracas on the 11th when Tiburon 1 put into action Plan Avila on a +2 Million citizen march. Then your friend Lucas goes on TV saying “la acecto”.

      Interesting on how the revolution works

      … where us Rincon now ?

      … and where us Baduel now ?

      Make no mistake the real history of what happened from 7 April to 14 April will be written in spite of the revolution’s efforts to play only to Carmona’s folly on the 12th.


    • Arturo, you have absolutely no credibility here until you reply to the answer you were given when you asked how Chavez had broken the constitution. To this day you have avoided the reality.

      Until then shut up & go away. You are a complete idiot.


  3. OT- Chavez gives unconditional support to Assad in Syria despite the mass murder of Syrian civilians. This link says million in Venezuela are of Syrian descent and their protest are growing.
    Syrian spies in Venezuela are taking names. Why would Chavez risk 1 million votes to keep Assad as a friend!
    “Inside Venezuela, more than one million citizens are of Syrian descent. Many of them have recently taken to the streets of Caracas to rally against Chávez’s support of Assad. Such public protest is risky business. As Al Jazeera has recently reported, local Syrian diplomats note who gets involved, and when those individuals return to the Damascus airport, they can become targets of the police state. But with their families being gradually destroyed, these protestors are growing louder.”


  4. Long time, no comment…

    Just wanted to compliment you guys for the excellent articles about the 11A events.



  5. Well our good friends here at “Chronically Clueless” have been many more times wrong than correct, maybe its from the days longing for coup mongers to support. Thats right they have one again this time. Their kind of democracy in action!

    Good luck with that…Plane tickets to Doral anyone?


    • “longing for coup mongers to support” why would anyone have to long further than chavez for a coup monger to support?


      • It hilarious how irony eludes trolls when assuming a sanctimonious position towards April 11 when supporting an openly proud coup monger. Chavismo is definitely irony free.


  6. (posted on Devil’s blog too)
    Yup, has anybody watched the last (maybe really last?) speak?
    Horrible hate speech…
    He will stay in Cuba for the next time (supposedly 2 * 5 day radiotherapies)
    And he is not going to Colombia too.
    he has created an “Anti-Golpe- Comando” (or something like that) If the oppo doesn’t recognize his assured win the 7O.


  7. Carmona has been called “Carmona the brief”. In fact this epithet goes to Diosdado Cabello whose reign was even more brief, because, although he was the legal president following his boss’s dismissal, he shit himself and only reapperead once Baduel saved their bacon. I read a funny text last week stating that Cabello prepared the return of Chavez has he took charge of the resistance, not Baduel.

    As for the Eastern monk warrior who claims he was living in the 15th century in what would later become Germany , may he rot in the cell his buddy Hugo offered him, he is too much of a moron to be released in the wild. For once Hugo was right.


  8. A lot of Miraflores’s paid trolls coming back from the shadows these days.
    I guess they did pay those 6 months they owed those hard working trolls.
    Is Arturo Kepler’s downvoting fan?


  9. Just a technical issue on Quico’s post in FP. I think Baduel was no longer on office on Dec. 2007. He did openly say that he had the armed forces with him if Chavez had any idea of not accepting the results of the Dec. 21007 referendum, but he was no longer the defense minister.


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