Setty takes me to Scam Academy

Oh man I laughed with this one. Arevenca’s scam is too baroque to summarize here: let’s just say that they make Ovarb look like Lloyd’s of London. Be sure to read Setty’s hilarious fisking of this whole preposterous affair.

For now, I loved this bit (picked almost at random) from their Press Release:

This agreement, which surely, will impose changes in the oil market, establish new ways of doing business, provides for the sale, supply, refining and marketing of crude oil and fuel for civil aviation, as well as other products derived from this raw material, to meet the internal demand of People’s Republic of China, carry out supplies to the United States, the European Union and Nations of South America, such as Brazil, Suriname and Guyana.

Apparently, the $200 billion a year this company nobody has never heard of is supposed to get out of the world’s biggest ever oil deal (signed, funny coincidence, with another company nobody’s ever heard of) wasn’t quite enough to cover a minimally competent translator.

chamo, people fall for this stuff!

Update: Shockingly, Spanish news agency EFE bought it hook line and sinker!

"Auer bisnus iis truu bisnus..." (1:08)

Didn’t these EFE flunkies find it even a little bit suspicious that they were reporting the largest deal in the history of one of the world’s leading industries and there were a grand total of two journalists in the room!?!?

Actually, I can’t stop looking at that video…it’s mesmerizing!

“Auer bisnus ees troo bisnus…” (1:08)

Good thing that’s settled then…

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    • A $250,000 – 1600 sf house is actually quite a cheap/middle class house. There are apartments in Margarita that are much more expensive than that.


    • Srta. EXTORRES, (supongo que es mujer por lo chismosa)

      Esa es mi casa y ha sido mi lugar de residencia por mas de 16 años, mi número de teléfono está listado en las páginas blancas de la guía de teléfonos desde hace mas de veinte años. Como puede ver no me escondo de nadie ni uso alias porque no le hago daño a nadie. Usted no ha descubierto América, usted sacó esa información de un sitio público de internet, cualquiera lo puede ver. Lo que no entiendo es porqué le interesa saber si mi casa es grande o pequeña, es usted decoradora? Sólo confórmese con saber que la pago con mucho trabajo y sacrificio.

      No sé que es lo que usted busca ni lo que pretende, pero le voy a pedir que me respete, yo no la conozco, no le he hecho daño y usted no tiene nada que pueda manchar mi nombre ni el de mi familia. Le sugiero que deje de estar mencionando por esta via a personas que usted no conoce, relacionándolas con hechos corruptos o delictivos que ni siquiera han sucedido. Sepa que eso se llama difamar y la ley lo pena. Lo anterior tambien va con el “sapito” (que buen alias) y con aquellos que sin dar la cara se dedican a difamar personas sin tener base.

      Una vez más, le sugiero que retire sus infundados comentarios sobre mi persona y mi familia, si tiene alguna pregunta ya sabe donde vivo, hablemos cara a cara.

      Ing. José A. Moreau P.


      • Ing. Moreau,

        Ciertamente Torres se excedió un poco en su conclusión. Aún así nos interesaría muchísimo cualquier información que Ud. nos pueda aportar sobre su relación con Arevenca: ha visitado alguna de sus oficinas? O la oficina de alguna de sus filiales? O a visto alguno de los setenta-y-tantos tanqueros que dicen poseer?

        O sea, no nos queda muy claro si Ud. es timador o timado.

        Entiende que el servicio que Ud. prestó se lo prestó a una empresa evidentemente fraudulenta? Le importa? O se está enterando? Y si lo sabía desde un principio, por qué todavía no vive ni en una mansión ni en la carcel?

        un saludo,
        Francisco Toro


      • Ing. MOREAU,

        Si bien no se esconde Ud. detrás de un alias, lo hace detrás de una falda, cuando acusa a todas las mujeres por la chismografía, una condición igualmente compartida por ambos sexos, aunque menos obvio en el masculino.

        En este caso, lo que llama usted chisme tuvo un fin investigativo. Y con razón por el descubrimiento de varias discrepancias.

        Seguimos en la espera de sus aclaraciones.

        alias Syd


        • syd, my guess is trying to get use the sexism as a way to offend me, whether I be female or male, decorator or not. It speaks more about him than about me.

          If I were in his shoes, I’d worry more about his employer than some internet persona that simply spent a few minutes searching public information about him. But, hey, that’s just me because I would want to make sure that I don’t work for some corrupt venture, and I must like shoes. But, him? Who knows?


          • the sexist insults were not lost on me, ET. They were pathetic — from someone who threatens to sue for defamation. The interesting thing is the whiff that Quico’s post produced as it circulated to end up on Moreau’s screen — and that of whomever else is involved in the scam.


      • Ing. José A. Moreau P. Lo que usted empieza llamando un chisme, luego admite que es pura información pública que cualquiera puede ver, luego insinúa que le falto el respeto, pero eso sin tener nada que pueda manchar su nombre. Pero si todo eso es cierto, entonces como es que se siente que cualquiera de estas cosas lo puedan relacionar con algo corrupto o delictivo? De hecho, usted va más allá e insinúa que yo haya dicho algo que lo difame so pena legal. lol Yo no dije nada de usted, sinó que para ser contacto en USA de una empresa fantasma que lo pudiese meter preso esa casa es damasiado pequeña para tamaño riesgo. Eso aplica tanto a usted como a mí como a cualquiera, y tal vez debería buscar más conocimiento sobre lo que conlleva una acusación de difamación.

        Aparte de eso, supongo que no le sorprende nada lo que se viene pensando sobre la empresa para la que usted es contacto en USA, ya que de lo que se ocupó aquí fué de contestar a los chismes de información pública, en vez de contestar el meollo del asunto lo fantasmagórico de la empresa.

        Siga ingeniando, señor ingeniero, yo a lo mío, por lo visto puro chisme y decoración…


  1. Honestly, I am completely lost. Am I the only one missing the joke? The press release is being bounced all over the cyberspace, yet this “company” appears to be the most obvious scam. What the hell!!???


    • The fun part comes from the blatant obviousness of the scam. Actually, even funnier is the fact that everyone involved is a scammer. But funniest is the EFE fell for it – the idiots. If you have not already done so, read Setty’s piece. Cheers.


  2. I am just getting out of the Intensive Care Unit where I was taken after I began to seize uncontrollably due to the malignant intentions of the author of this post in inducing widespread laughter. $200 billion a year for 10 years? Holy cow! Indeed deir bisnes is a tru bisnes. Arevenca Bank? What is going on? Even the scammers are getting stupid? Couldn’t they at least think of – let’s say – a more internationally sounding name? Like, “Flushing International Banking Services” or “Creme du Creme Banque.” Is chavismo contagious? I am gonna have to contact the CDC.


  3. Valores de Arevenca Bank:

    1. Respeto al cliente: actually our respect is deep for his/her money.
    2. Responsabilidad con el entorno: we always take care not to get caught.
    3. Eficiencia: if it is your money, we will devise any way to rid you of it.
    4. Rentabilidad: need we say more?
    5. Crecimiento sostenible: ditto. Ours.
    6. Innovación permanente: first, it was sand, then, we moved to oil. Now, we want your money, without dirtying our hands.
    7. Adecuación a los cambios del mercado, y a los avances tecnológicos: Yep. If we feel we would get caught, we get the hell out and move someplace else under another name. It’s cheap to maintain a web site and to create promotional videos. Hell, we can use EFE again!


  4. Another interesting link:

    What is going on here? No offense, but all the people in the picture look like thugs.

    Who is Francisco Javier Gonzalez? Are these “companies” the reason why the barrel of oil is close to $100 and we are paying $1.25/L of gasoline?


  5. OMG, I am going to need ICU as well. NOt because its funny but rather because its so sad. So sad I was brought up with values and principles that would not allow me to be one of these scammers playing havoc in Venezuela. A romper la pinata!!!! WTF.

    I do not hear anyone in the opposition or media asking the real questions that need to be asked: LHC dixit: y donde estan los reales?…

    Que vaina.


  6. Another way in which Venezuela resembles Nigeria. Rampant corruption, elegant scams and sky high murder rates all fed by a feverish fight for oil revenues.

    Nigeria is a byword for scamming in the English speaking world. Is Venezuela now the same for Spanish speakers?


  7. New book just published: The Dictator’s Handbook: Why Bad Behavior is Almost Always Good Politics by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith (Sep 27, 2011)

    According to the book (Although I haven’t read it yet… just saw two interviews with the authors on their book tour)… if Chavez looks like he’s going to lose, all of Chavez’s benefactors are going to get all the money they can while they still can!


  8. arevenca no es mas que una vulgar estafa asi como su dueño y colaboradores y al senor francisco toro hagame llegar su correo y le dare bastante material para averiguar


  9. Dear readers,
    Arevenca is NOt a refinery. in most optimistic scenario is a group of few people who are acting as traders. they use refinery after Arevenca in order to misguide the people. even they are not a good lies. they do not know, the meaning of 200 Billion contract with a chines. such a huge contract definitely requires the involvement of Communist Government of China. with the investment, Chines Government could buy good portion of Spain or whole island of ARUBA. be careful with So called Arevenca Refinery.


  10. furthermore, I have mad some investigation through reliable sources, AREVENCA, claiming that owns a AREVENCA COMPLEX. it is pack of lie. they have few rooms at the first floor of a building in ARUBA. but they manged to place AREVENCA name at the front of the building. they are a refinery as they claim. they do not have any contrcat with any refineries. i hope people who are trying to contact with real seller, they should be careful not to waste they time, efforts and money with AREVENCA. this is honest advice. i will be more than happy to hear otherwise.


  11. arevenca solo participa en estafas unicamente lo que posee es un enfermo como propietario muy pronto todo el mundo podra saber mucho mas de arevenca y todos los negocios fraudulentos en los cuales esta inmiscuida la empressa y FRANCISCO JAVIER GONZALEZ ALVAREZ


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