Birds of a feather

You know, this whole business with Chávez and Fidel just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

At first we thought their relationship was that of mentor and mentee. Horrified as many of us were, it wasn’t that out of the ordinary.

Then it blossomed into a full-fledged bro-mance. He is his best buddy! He is his father figure! He is a quasi-religious icon! He is the President’s doctor! He is his knight in shining armor!

But today we learn that Chávez has two roosters in Miraflores Palace, and they are named … Chávez and Fidel.

Cue the Twilight Zone theme, ’cause this thing is downright creepy.

I don’t know where the lines lie that govern the relationship between two grown men who happen to be leaders of their respective countries. But I sure as hell know that these two roosters crossed them a loooong time ago.

23 thoughts on “Birds of a feather

  1. I really fail to see what is the point of this particular post, other than some not-subtle inuendo on Chavez-Fidel’s relationship which although far from what Mario Silva uses to say about certain young oppo politicians, it did remind of me of him. I mean, really guys? Is it such a slow news day today?


    • In case it’s not obvious, I’m seriously questioning the President’s mental health. I think that’s an issue that needs discussing.


      • I’m with you on this, Juan. The fact that the relationship between these two is probably pathological at a personal level is the least of it. That personal pathology translates into a serious national security issue. Then there’s the matter of what’s going on in Miraflores, which Hugo Rafael seems to want to turn into a kind of Barinas-esque version of Old MacDonald and his farm. Apparently there are not just roosters in the patios, there are hens laying on the roof. And now, the comandante-presidente wants to plant trees up there. We’re deep into García Márquez territory here — where is the maestro when we need him?


      • Questioning the president’s mental health?! More than you or me already did yesterday? Look, you could brought up I don’t know, that piece Christopher Hitchens wrote on his visit to Venezuela, which shows how deranged Chavez is but thats old news anyway, we all have known Chavez wasn’t completely right up there a long time ago. If that’s the only point of the post, then you are “discovering the lukewarm water” *. Just saying!

        *aka inventing sliced bread


        • Point taken.
          (Still, you gotta admit the whole rooster thing is way over the top, even for Chavez)


  2. A good friend of mine once taught me how to make coq-au-vin the right way.

    First you get a funnel small enough to fit in the rooster’s mouth.

    Next, you get a good Red Wine and funnel it into the Rooster a bit at a time.
    One slug for the rooster, and one for you.

    Pretty soon, you and the rooster are the best of friends!

    At this point, you are supposed to kill the rooster, but how can you kill your best friend?

    This is the point where my friend would always say “nadie va a matar a mi compadre, no joda!”

    Perhaps Fidel and Chavez shared the same fate?


  3. If you ignore all the romantic legend built around Fidel (and Ché)… Fidel is about as creepy as creepy gets in Latin America. Creepier than any military dictatorship you can imagine, creepier than Leonidas Trujillo and Papa Doc. As, or more murderous. Creepy as inciting a nuclear exchange between superpowers.

    Hugo, or at least his regime is not that creepy. If it weren’t our country, you would feel the familiarity, the telltale signs that Venezuela is become your (African) Banana Republic governed by a narcissist who believes he knows more about life than life itself, and came up with “his own ideology”, a photocopy of a photocopy of some totalitarian “refrito”. Terrible and sad but not that creepy.

    However, the roosters… as well as Hugo’s fascination with Fidel… I don’t want to know more, I only want these two out of Venezuela and Cuba. They can go to some nice little house and spend the rest of their happily ever after doing whatever they do when they are alone…


  4. Could you please explain what the full size Baby Jane doll has to do with this matter. Is it because Chavistas seem to be prone to humming “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” when in the presence of their leader? Or perhaps because of the nauseating degradation that the Hudson sisters suffer in some way mirrors the spiralling degradation we Venezuelans have witnessed amongst Hugo Chávez’s closest circles of collaborators. Is there really a parallel to one sister opening and reading the other sister’s mail? How does the missing parakeet factor in?

    I’m waiting with bated breath!


    • All of the above!

      I dunno, I just kept coming back to this image of Chavez in his house, with his roosters, made up like Bette Davis, talking about “Fidel” “Fidel” all the time.


  5. Is there a doctor in the house? Seriously, there must be a shrink out there who can tell us what’s going on here. It’s true that Hugo Rafael has been several sandwiches short of a picnic for some time now. But, correct me if I’m wrong, he never used to shout ‘Viva Chávez!!’ Did he? I mean, the man is constantly referring to himself in the third person (the rooster thing seems to be an instance of that). And maybe this is what happens to all autocrats who rule for so long they lose touch with reality. What’s next? Renaming Caracas ‘Ciudad Chávez’? And Pico Bolivar, Monte Hugo? Maybe being reminded of his own mortality has caused some kind of short-circuit. But roosters?! Help us out, please!!


  6. Juan,

    why are you so puzzled about the roosters? What exactly bothers you on this situation?

    1)That he has two rooster in Miraflores?
    2)That one is the biological son of the other?
    3)That the father was named Fidel and the son after himself?

    About (1), people from the llanos use to raise all sort of animals, even when they move to Caracas. So that is not particularly striking. That one is the biological son of the other is something that can happen in any farm. Now about the name…it can be an inside joke. Fidel is so much a father figure that the older rooster was named after him and the younger after Chavez. Is it Garcia-Marquezco? Sure! But it is not something particularly unusual for Venezuela.

    So, I don’t find that the rooster episode shed any special light on Chavez mental health.

    Now, I tell you what I do find special and sick:

    (1) That in sickness the President of Venezuela is literally hijacked by Fidel
    (2) That the center of Venezuelan power has become Cuba
    (3) That the information data of all Venezuelan citizens are in the hands of Cuba
    (4) That Cuba and cubans are treated by the goverment of Venezuela as if Cuba were a superpower and Venezuelans the conquered people

    That is sick and serious! And that has been going on for YEARS! And that shows that something is seriously wrong in Chavez mind.

    I want Venezuela in the hands of Venezuelans, not Cubans. As for the Roosters, he can name them anything he wants.


    • Well, I dunno, but where I come from, naming your pet after your best friend, and your other pet after yourself, is borderline psychotic. In some places it may even be grounds for a stalker charge.


    • Nope,not santeria involved. Santeros don’t have pet roosters, they kill them, doves,goats,doves,doves,more chicken and yeah. So they’re not for religious use.

      I’m not a santero but part of my family is hardcore


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