Monday Treat

OK folks, we have a special treat for you coming Monday morning. I’m not great at this whole Enigma Marketing game, but let’s just say if you love Venezuelan politics you’ll want to check the blog then. Nerd-core stuff.

Oh and why Monday morning? Because that’s when the traffic is!

Watch this space!

15 thoughts on “Monday Treat

    • Try it.

      If you’ve read GTAvex carefully you’ll have a pretty good idea of what constitutes GTAvex catnip.

      And it’s not a newsy thing, though: if it was a time-sensitive item I wouldn’t sit on it over the weekend.

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        • If I had a line on Chávez’s diagnosis I would post it as soon as I could type it, dude…


          • I believe I see cross purposes at work here.

            THerefore I will not further guess so as not to
            A) Possibly spoil the surprise
            B) Put more than just GTAvex to sleep
            C) Keep going round and round eventually going nowhere :-)

            I’ll just write what I think it is on my screen!


      • It’s some kind of geeky infographic, isn’t it? Probably something interactive using one or more of google’s children. Or maybe another Excel sheet (that will only work in a particular version of Excel) with lots of numbers, some minor poorly-programmed attempts at interactivity and a handful of charts and stuff.

        I still look forward to it, though.


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