Hot air

Forty-eight degrees celsius – that right there was Maracaibo’s actual temperature last Saturday. A cousin sent me the picture to show how incensed people were – not by the heat, mind you, but by the fact that the city was enduring a 22-hour blackout.

Now, you would think this would be a great opportunity for Maracaibo’s local leaders to shine. You know – grab hold of people’s anger, channel it, feel their pain, point fingers. The goal scores itself, right?

But take a look at this video of Pablo Pérez discussing the blackout – and try to stay awake.

I don’t know if the heat got to him or if he simply has the charisma of fresh paint, but to me the video was a missed opportunity. Instead of using this to his advantage, the crisis is highlighting his shortcomings.

He’s going to have to step up his game dramatically if he’s going to be a contender, because putting the voters into a stupor just does not strike me as a winning electoral strategy.

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10 thoughts on “Hot air

  1. I love how a Blackberry goes off at 2:20…must be Rosales from Lima tellin’ him to kick it up a notch, don’t you think?


  2. My only thought is the guys restrained themselves fearing public order issues otherwise. ….Whishfull thinking!


    • Isn’t it about time Zulianos start to seriously consider seceding from Venezuela? After all, the Caracas government is treating them 10 times worse that Venezuela got treated by Spain when it was a colony.

      They should seriously start gathering signatures for a referendum where they ask if they want to continue being a part of Venezuela, file for independence, or join Colombia. (The last option is just to piss off Chavez even more.)

      I’m sure all the Chavista pundits who claimed there was nothing wrong with Zelaya’s referendum will clearly come out to defend the Zulianos’ right to conduct this referendum, right?


      • It’s too dangerous to propose this seriously. But I’m going to find out more next week when I’m there.


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