The Pablo Principle

Your top general, one who has vowed that the Armed Forces would resist any non-chavista government, stands accused of drug smuggling.

So if you’re Hugo Chávez, what do you do about it?

Why … you name him Defense Minister, of course!

You see, in Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela, the closer your possible links to criminal activities, the likelier it is you will rise to the top.

It’s not the Peter Principle, it’s the Pablo Principle.

5 thoughts on “The Pablo Principle

  1. I wonder if our new Defence minister knows Mr Jaroshenko
    This Russian pilot was just declared guilty for trying to smuggle several tones of cocaine from Venezuela to Liberia and then Ghana. He got caught last year. He had declared his innocence, so chances are he will have enough time to learn Spanglish in a US prison…


  2. The Pablo Principal was first written about in Plato’s Republic. It was called “Honor amongst thieves.”


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