Worst. Tourism brochure. Ever!

Come to beautiful Venezuela, where you can enjoy…

  • Unlawful killings, including summary executions of criminal suspects
  • Widespread criminal kidnappings for ransom
  • Prison violence and harsh prison conditions
  • Inadequate juvenile detention centers
  • Arbitrary arrests and detentions
  • Corruption and impunity in police forces
  • Corruption, inefficiency, and politicization in a judicial system characterized by trial delays and violations of due process
  • Political prisoners and selective prosecution for political purposes
  • Infringement of citizens’ privacy rights
  • Restrictions on freedom of expression
  • Government threats to sanction or close television stations and newspapers
  • Corruption at all levels of government
  • Threats against domestic NGOs
  • Violence against women
  • Trafficking in persons
  • Restrictions on workers’ right of association


17 thoughts on “Worst. Tourism brochure. Ever!

  1. Let’s add to the wonders detailed by Francisco:

    Mass embezzlement of house buyers funds
    Illegal currency trading by stock brokers
    Constant lying and manipulation by private media
    Outrageous speculation by privare businesses
    Dishonest car dealerships
    Taxi drivers overcharging everywhere
    People who should be in jail for treason as national deputies
    Unbridled worship of US values
    Hate of anything Venezuelan if you have money
    Inbred racism by middle class idiots

    How many more examples of “badness” do you want5?


      • Hey FC/JC,

        Why not let Arturo have a guest post? They have to write in 2000 or less words why we all are are going to socialist hell (Chavismo is a fringe religion in my view, even ‘militant athiests’ will have messiah-like faith in the all knowing HRCF) and why noone deserves a stable future for their family and pretty much why we deserve all that is going wrong with the country. etc

        Just an idea if you get stuck later on…

        Down with taxi drivers trying to feed their family!


    • How about these:

      Mass embezzlement of all kinds of funds, not just related to housing, by government officials
      An unsupportable currency exchange system, which engenders corruption by government officials and massive abuse by cronies
      Constant lying and manipulation by public media
      Outrageous speculation over unproven “speculations” by businesses
      Idiotic national production schemes, an insupportable exchange rate regime, and restrictive import policies that hinder domestic car production, creating a system where car dealerships can find massive rents
      Taxi drivers overcharging everywhere, with absolutely noone who can apparently enforce any thing (like laws against murder)
      People from the PSUV who should be in jail for treason as national deputies
      Unbridled worship of failed values
      Hate of anything Venezuelan who has money
      Reverse racism by PSFs


    • “Mass embezzlement of house buyers funds”

      As opposed to mass embezzlement thanks to purchased-overprice-and-never-distributed food?

      “Illegal currency trading by stock brokers”

      You mean all the illegal handling of dollars by PDVSA? Or the illegal gifts in dollars by Chavez to all his friends?

      “Constant lying and manipulation by private media”

      Unlike the Chavez media who probably still claims there’s nothing going on in Libya?

      “Outrageous speculation by privare businesses”

      You mean like PDVSA selling oil at over $100/b when it claims it only costs $10 to produce?

      “Dishonest car dealerships”

      When have car dealerships ever been honest? Really, in which part of the moon do you live?

      “Taxi drivers overcharging everywhere”

      Those evil, oligarchic, rich taxi drivers! They’ll be the first ones against the wall when the revolution comes!

      “People who should be in jail for treason as national deputies”

      You mean like people who allow a foreign government (e.g., Cuba) to have unduly influence in the internal affairs of the state? Because what Chavez does is the textbook definition of “treason”.

      “Unbridled worship of US values”

      Should we take a look at the cars, phones, bank accounts, watches, etc owned by the robolutionaires? Heck, should we take a look at Chavez’s watch or the inside of his airplane?

      And to be clear, nobody “worships” the US, let alone its “values”. We just realized the same thing the Chinese realized decades ago: gringos are idiots with lots of money who are willing to spend said money in anything shiny and cute.

      “Hate of anything Venezuelan if you have money”

      And this hatred is fully displayed in the way the have left all the streets fall apart, destroyed the electrical grid, allowed all barrios to be overrun by thugs, rapists and murderers, destroyed all venezuelan-based industries in order to import everything… Oh, wait that’s what Chavez did.

      “Inbred racism by middle class idiots”

      Just because you’re an idiot and I call you an idiot, it doesn’t mean I think everyone who looks like you is an idiot too. It’s just you.


    • A reflection, even this, of how much WORSE OFF is Venezuelan society, in the last 12 years.

      Not that, like our fast and shallow friend, Arturo, I would assign the blame like he does, so freely.

      There would be no “treason”, of any kind if there were not some phonies with a “Revolution”.

      Taxi drivers hardly overcharge. They run risks with crime, in an inflationary economy.

      Speculation would not exist were it not for a government that speculates with the currency in a thousand ways.

      “Illegal” currency trading would never be where currency were readily convertible.


  2. my fiancee just lost her job cause today in Maracaibo 3 bingos were shut down…well,being inspected forever or w/e. Bingo Maracaibo, Bingo Costa Verde and where my girl worked Bingo Seven Star. All of them shut down at the same time.
    She’s got no job now.
    I’ve been looking for a job for a year now.
    So add to the list:

    -Laboral unstability (cause sooner or later, EVERY type of business is going to get fucked with)

    By the way,if the workers want to get the money they are owed, they were told to go to Caracas,and wait in line with the other bingo(casino) workers thata have been waiting for 3 months.


    • Well, blow me down. The bingo workers cannot get their prestaciones. Well, my mendacious friend, metodex, it’s up to the bingo owners (employers) to pay their employees. This is nothing to do with the government so stop being such an embustero and tell things as they are. Not as you dream they are.

      BTW – all gambling should be closed down, in my opinion, or just limit it to Margarita, for example, and maybe the 5 y 6 and the horse tracks.

      I would also guess that the bingos were closed down because they were operating illegally, not paying their taxes or did not have their accounts up to date.

      Did the bingo owners tell the employees that they had to go to Caracas?

      Were they closed permaently or temporarily. You do not make that clear in your fantacy piece.


  3. Arturito,arturito,arturito,

    It was the http://www.cnc.gob.ve/ Comision Nacional de Casino and some other stuff.
    They’re the ones that told them to go to Caracas,as they were going to keep the money from the bingo. Not much details were given to the workers actually. As you have been told before, you’re in the wrong forums. So i’m not dreaming, i’m being real, as the other casino WORKERS are the ones being affected by this,not the empire,or the drug lords behind every “shady” business.

    So keep guessing stuff, and using those guessess to make people lose their jobs,send some to jail,and them some..
    Mi esposa necesita el trabajo y de un dia pa otro esta desempleada y con solo 2mil bolivares en el banco. No es ninguna fantasia, es lo que le esta pasando al pais. Todo gracias a joyitas como tu. Y que casualidad que todos los bingos del pais “i guess” estan lavando dinero y son capos de la droga. Si, sigue tu en tu fantasia de gente con FAL caminando en la calle, en el mar de la felicidad mientras yo en el mundo real voy a imprimir 40 curriculums con mi esposa a ver si nos dan algun trabajo para ver si algun dia podemos vivir juntos.

    Embustero el coño de tu madre, y tu negacion testaruda y terca.

    Perdon por el hate-talk Francisco Toro y Juan Nagel


  4. Y todos saben que es permanente y los trabajadores que son, me supongo, traidores a la patria por protestar debido a su desempleo terminan en una sala de espera,a que le den un papelito pa que lo lleven al otro lado de la ciudad a que se lo firmen y sellen pa que otro tipo de de el numero pa esperar aver si te atienden ese mismo dia, si no te atracan agarrando los buses.

    Arturo te agradezco que no respondas a mis comments ya que estoy en un mal estado mental y solo necesito un poco de catarsis, no estoy de humor para juegos psicologicos de negacion y batallas eternas.


  5. BTW – all gambling should be closed down, in my opinion, or just limit it to Margarita, for example, and maybe the 5 y 6 and the horse tracks.

    What a miserable lard-ass is that Arturo/Chris/Welshie whatever.


    • So horses should be legal but not bingo?

      Horses being one of the more addictive type of gambling there is.
      But yeah, bingo is ALOT worse!!!!

      I come from a country where there are strict gambling rules… But something we do have are a few bingo halls here and there :P


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