Police Priorities

In Spanish, Moraima told us about the Tourism minister that insists that Venezuela is safe, that all the stories about crime, murder and robberies are just a nasty war against war against the Homeland. And he is right.

I mean, crime must be fully under control: how else can the Aragua police be harassing gay people in a beach during Carnival? If there were malandros to chase, the Bolivarian police, always ready to serve the People, would be busy getting tough with them. If they are knocking off the video cameras of the maricones, must be because all those stories about crime are just made up.

The minister is right. Venezuela is perfectly safe for German tourists…as long as they don’t have valuables on them, they don’t look foreigner and they are straight.


3 thoughts on “Police Priorities

  1. i hate to say it but cops and the military in venezuela are the same scum we see on the streets,except with autorithy and a legal gun. Look at the machismo and the “estos maricos..” look.


  2. Wait, but how do you know what was happening? All I see are people protesting (and a lovely thong framed in the middle of the video, thank you very much).


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