Amperes, not empires

In an interesting op-ed published in El Universal (now there’s something I don’t write every day), Julio Borges keeps the focus on bread-and-butter issues.

If there is one symbol of how Chavez has taken something that sort of worked and made it worse, it’s the Metro. Hell, even chavistas are calling the former pride of Caracas a lost cause.

There are many more examples of things he has wrecked, but few of them have such a direct impact on the day-to-day lives of millions. Kudos to Borges for putting figures on his thoughtful rant as well.

The only way we’re going to win this thing is by focusing on the issues Venezuelans care about the most. Chávez will talk about Socialism, but we need to talk about the Metro. Chávez will talk about the Oligarchs, and we need to discuss crime and education. Chávez will rail against the Empire, but we need to focus on the electricity crisis.

Message discipline will set us free.

#23 … una pa’los panas.

2 thoughts on “Amperes, not empires

  1. I just read my compatriot Pearson’s addition to VA and I was left scratching my head more than ever.

    From what I understood:

    Admission that the Metro de Caracas is now crap, capitalism bad, teaching people socialism is the answer?

    What about actually improving the Metro?

    BTW good luck with the 100 posts. If need be I can send in another view from my window, but it would have to be the other window this time :)


  2. excellently done. Let’s hope the oppo mentions those problems as well as solutions, and doesn’t fall for te “communism is bad”.


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