Introducing Moraima García

Today, over in Spanish, we introduce yet another new contributor. For a long time, Moraima García – moraimag to the habitués – has been writing some of the most incisive, most elegantly written comments in our little forum here. We thought the time had come to ask her to step up and contribute to the main blog. She’s an absolutely gifted writer, and we hope we can persuade her to write more and more for

To tell the truth, this talent outreach stuff is fun! Considering all these amazing writers hiding in place sight, it really is remarkable just how dull and predictable most Venezuelan Op/Ed pages are. Juan and I have been forced to deal with the fact that if we want to read a better Op/Ed page, we’re going to have to go out and edit it ourselves. So far, so good…

6 thoughts on “Introducing Moraima García

  1. Welcome, moraimag! Honestly, this was the only way we could think to stop you arguing back after every post! :P


  2. You didn’t tell me I wouldn’t be able to argue back! I wouldn’t have taken your offer!HAHAHA
    Seriously, thanks for such a nice introduction. I am happy to come here, in whatever role I can.


  3. Moraima,

    Congratulations! I hope we will still see you on the English side. My Spanish, while serviceable for all social and business functions, falls short when I try to understand the nuances of political commentary. I have always enjoyed your well-considered comments on the English side.


  4. I think it’s great that Cronicas de Caracas is taking off, and new voices are contributing.
    But, Quico, you need not constantly tell the world that the rest of the Venezuelan blogosphere and newspapers suck. It’s in poor taste, my friend.

    What I read in Cronicas de Caracas is not much different from the op-Ed pieces I read in other places such as Tal Cual.

    So, keep up the good work, and take the high road. You’ll be better off for it.


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