“Rangel Silva es un gocho A-1”

…that, at least, is how convicted felon Moises Maiónica sees it. As our favorite Narco-general takes the dais at the National Assembly, take a trip down memory lane with me to the time when the FBI taped his associates discussing his then job – paying hush-money to Maletagate supremo Guido Antonini.

(How A-1 was he? Guy’s such a straight shooter, he won’t even pay a bribe without demanding a signed receipt! Classic!)

8 thoughts on ““Rangel Silva es un gocho A-1”

  1. The opposition is not going to the session, in protest for Rangel Silva being the speaker. I wonder if it would have been more effective to go but hold up signs accusing him of being a narco.


    • The Oppo Tweet-o-sphere was incandescently angry with the MUD deputies last night, from what I saw. Encouraging!


    • Surgeon masks, ear plugs, banners (or simply mad faces)… so many things I can think off! and they just manage to stay away from the session? Goodness gracious…

      What kind of a protest is that? This is just plain laziness. They have only 1 day a week to be heard and seen in the NA, they have to take each one by storm.

      But no. So much comeflorismo…. I can’t honestly think that this is an intelligent move. Por esto es que estamos como estamos.


      • Assembly session without opposition members = dog bites man.

        Assembly session with opposition members holding up signs that say “Narco” while General speaks = man bites dog.


  2. He is for sure a fine, A-1 example of our military and governing class: Greed, corruption, and outward fanaticism (just because the President fancies himself a fanatic).

    He makes my case that Venezuelan authoritarianism is not about repression. It’s about about corruption and freeloading, getting a share of the pie without sweating it.

    If in anything there is an element of thuggery, is in the fierce competition to hog the till, or to show that you are the biggest brown nose of them all to the boss. Which our fine gocho did and does.

    Guido Antonini was to be silenced by Rangel Silva, and his mouth was to be stopped with… greenbacks!


    • That would need an independent judiciary…

      Hugo Chavez, ordering his bought TSJ justices to bust the guy he just condecorated for being loyal and consistent to his own person and following his orders? Bust himself in the process?

      I guess pigs will sprout wings and fly. And the Venezuelan military will become all airborne too…


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