Extraditing his own (Updated)

So today the government is gloating because they captured the mistress of one of the head honchos of the notorious Los Zetas drug cartel.

Her lover, a Colombian man named Luis Frank Tello Candelo, was captured in Caracas six months ago and promptly extradited to the United States.

Only Tello apparently also has Venezuelan nationality. In fact, his cedula number is V-6.161.289, and he is registered to vote in Baruta’s Madre Emilia school.

Which begs the question: have the authorities read Article 69 of the Venezuelan Constitution? You know, the one that says “The extradition of Venezuelans is strictly forbidden.” And why is the press not asking these questions?

Just wonderin’.

UPDATE: From the looks of it, after years of research, the government overturned a prior court ruling and determined both Tello and his accomplice Carlos Ojeda Herrera had fraudulent documents. Which then begs the question: why are they still registered to vote?


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  1. That registry is so messed up I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it’s a mistake in the database. It may also be that this man obtained his Cedula through extra-legal mechanisms (bribes and so on) and in reality he never should have gotten nationality in the first place. In any case, even if he were born in Venezuela the government wouldn’t let something minor like a constitutional article to get in the way of their schemes.


    • Verdad? It-s not like he was “cedulado” last year. 6 million means he was given an ID some time in the 70s. Or perhaps he is legitimately Venezuelan. Or perhaps this is just somebody else.


    • Of course there’s either a mess up or this is an illegal cedula or stolen identity. Boyd – why should Cubillas be deported when all the “evidence” against him is speculative/media spun and he is Venezuelan? You deported yourself to London years ago for all our sakes. ;)


    • Or perhaps the fake cedula was given to him in the 70’s indeed, when yet another narco-polical gang was ruling our country… That’s probably why the guy got deported right away: Just another example of Chavista takeover of what used to be exclusive escualido business territory…


  2. Some more background

    “Estos dos ciudadanos fueron detenidos con cédulas de venezolanos, con sus verdaderos nombres, pero se trata de documentos obtenidos de forma fraudulenta. Su supuesta nacionalización no está registrada en los archivos o el sistema del Servicio Administrativo de Identificación, Migración y Extranjería (Saime)”, dijo.


    Which begs the question: why the f* is he in the Electoral Registry? And shouldn’t a judge determine their nationality is fake? For all we know, he was deported in like two weeks.

    Somethin’s fishy.


  3. A silly question: what colour does his record have on the Maisanta database?
    Is he like “hard-core chavista” or just “weak” or oppo or what?


  4. He could be somebody else, he could also be legitimately Venezuelan. The point is, los anormales chavistas argue in the case of Arturo Cubillas that he can’t be extradited to Spain BECAUSE he is Venezuelan. Venezuelan, it must be repeated ad nauseam, THANKS TO Hugo Chavez (see here).

    What this piece of news shows is: 1) Chavez dreads Santos more than Zapatero (we must wonder what kind of bitch slapping Chavez got in Santa Marta…); 2) Chavez prefers Basque terrorists than Colombo/Venezuelan drug traffickers (we must wonder what kind of intel Cubillas’ got on the Chavez regime through his contacts/experience and those of wife Goizeder Odriozola…)


  5. Maisanta information from putting in the Cedula #6161289 ;
    Tello Candelo Luis Frank DOB 21-2-63
    Listed as living in San Antonio del Tachira

    “No firmó contra el Presidente” …Didn’t sign the recall petition.

    Labeled as “Abstencionista” …Does this mean he didn’t vote in the Recall Referendum?


  6. Hey at least he’s not listed as “Miembro de Mesa” or “Miembro de Junta Electoral”!

    That they appear in the Registro Electoral, but not in SAIME is probably done on purpose as a control mechanism/way out measure that whoever hooked them up took.


  7. There’s a catch to all of this, there is a principle of International Law known as “aut dedere aut judicare” which literally means “prosecute or extradite”. The consequence of not extraditing would be a somewhat legal obligation to prosecute a serious crime of this nature. Of course I doubt the Venezuelan Government would be willing to vent this kind of thing in our courts given the amount of trash that could come out “a-la Wallid Makled”.

    Since we are a hub of trafficking, better let dead dogs lie and not stir up controversy, at least not internally. Hance, they make up this bogus theory that the documents were fake.


  8. How typical…..the opposition is more than happy to take the side of a murdering drug-dealer and gangster, in order to score a cheap political point against the Chavez Government.

    You people don’t seem to realize that virtually every move you make sinks you ever deeper in to the swamp of treason, sedition, subversion, mutiny, and collaborationism. With your every blog post, you offer more and more proof that you care more about being able to stick it to the government, then you do about the well being of the Venezuelan Nation. Remind me again why the government ought to treat you people as though you have a right to participate in the public discourse?


    • I don’t think anybody is taking the side of a Drug dealer, we are merely asking ourselves the question: If this person is a Venezuelan and the constituion said he couldn’t be extradited, then why was he extradited? Why is he in the CNE registry, why does he have a C.I. that start with 6? You should be asking those same questions, after all, he is a DRUG DEALER that has been living in our country doing God know what.


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